A Guide to Terms Used on this Site

While L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology, said, "Communication is the universal solvent," it is difficult for the non-acquainted to understand Scientologese, largely due to the use of acronyms and redefined or invented words. This makes communication difficult if not impossible. Why is that? Why would Hubbard want to make communication difficult?

Some of the following definitions were taken from the alt.religion.scientology Acronym/Terminology FAQ originally compiled by Martin Hunt. Others have been supplied by interested parties. Further information may be found by searching the internet. Or maybe not, as some of this info has a hard time making its way to the outside world.

Aveda shampoo
A flower scent based line of hygiene products. Aveda products were considered NOT in violation with LRH's orders against scented products at the Base, because all the Aveda scents are natural, flower based scents, and not harsh manmade chemical scents like normal perfumes.
Base Executive Staff Statuses
Normal Class V Orgs have Executive staff statuses, and the Int Base also has some similar staff status training lineups for the Int Base top execs (Exec Strata, WDC Members, on up).
Base Staff Statuses
Staff Statuses especially for Int Base regular staff. Others can detail what the courses consist of, one course had to do with Base Security procedures for example.
Berthing Building
The new buildings, 2 or 3 stories tall, that the base staff will move into once they are completed.
To leave suddenly. Also, the person who does this. Used in reference to a Scientologist who leaves the Church of Scientology without following the specified procedures. The "routing out" procedures are designed to prevent a person from leaving, using guilt trips, financial and emotional threats, and a person's feelings of respect for their peers still in the Church of Scientology.
LRH's house at the Int Base.
A person audited enough to be free of the "bank," or reactive mind (the sum of the memories of pain and unconsciousness the person has).
The Commodore's (L. Ron Hubbard) Messengers Organization. A Sea-Org run power center within the cult, started by the teenyboppers in hot pants who used to serve as Hubbard's mouthpieces on board his ships. CMO PAC (Pacific Area Command) is based in LA, in a large building across the street from the Cedars of Lebanon Center. The CMO IXU, the Internal eXtension Unit, is in the HGB, qv. CMO INT and CMO Gold are at the INT base.
Commodore's Messenger Organization INT - Senior-most CMO and is in charge of overseeing all CMOs. The CMOs are in charge of getting the management and service organizations producing and complying with upper management orders.
Chairman of the board for the Religious Technology Center, the copyright holding body of Scientology, currently former Commodore's Messenger David Miscavige.
COB Asst
COB Assistant, currently Shelly Miscavige.
Commanding Officer
DM, David Miscavige
See COB.
Executive Director International, the head of the Exec Strata, currently Guillaume Lesevre. This is not the head of the cult, despite the title; the head honcho is David Miscavige. The ED INT can be written to at: Executive Director International, 4833 Fountain Avenue Los Angeles, California, 90027. There are also message boxes for the ED INT in each org. He replies, too, or someone does in his name.
Eval Corps
Part of Exec Strata, they do the evaluations (administrative why finding and troubleshooting any assigned area, usually large organizational problem solving).
Exec Strata
Senior Executive Strata. Management organization in charge of developing programs to be done in service organizations to boost various areas of production and delivery. Each of the members of the Exec Strata are responsible for a specific area such as selling books or field activities. Head of the Exec Strata is the ED INT, currently Guillaume Lesevre.
The Flag Executive Briefing Course. A top-level training course for EDs and other executives delivered at the Flag Executive Briefing Course. A top-level training course for EDs and other executives delivered at ITO and possibly a few other high training orgs. The FEBC used to incorporate strange events like the Kali ceremony, the ritualistic destruction of model orgs.
A fiasco, a screw-up, particularly something that will attract bad publicity or negative repercussions.
False Purpose Rundown
Gold, Gold Base, Golden Era
This has been used to refer to both Golden Era Studios and Gold base, now usually referred to as INT, as most INT orgs have relocated there. "Golden Era Productions, in charge of producing e-meters, films, television advertisements, and lectures on cassettes. Includes PDO (Planetary Dissemination Org)." Note: E-Meters were also produced by Bridge. Grady Ward: "My first impression of Gold Base as Keith Henson drove me through it on Monday is that it looked exactly like a Nazi theme park. A delightful little caricature of a Scientology 'church' with a flowering bed in front of it - surrounded by the nastiest razor wire, floodlights, and video observation cameras I have ever seen."
Happy Valley
Castille Canyon Ranch, the ranch where crops were grown, some animals were kept (chickens, pigs, turkeys, horses, dogs, cats) over the years, and where the INT RPF berths and some RPFers work.
The Hollywood Guaranty [sic] Building, a twelve story office building at Hollywood Boulevard and Ivar formerly owned by the Bank of America. It is an old building that was constructed in the 1920s and purchased by Scientology with cash in the mid-'80s. All International management (upper middle management above continents and below *INT* - see Int) is located in this building.
Horwich House
Jon Horwich and daughter, Roann Hubbard Horwich, lived together in this small bungalo building at the INT Base, while she grew up.
Household Unit is under CMO Gold, and they clean and maintain the LRH office and living spaces on the INT Base.
Int, INT
The International Management level of Scientology's massive bureaucracy, upper middle management above continental level and below the INT level. Much of it is now located in the HGB, qv. INT and Int are not the same thing; Int stands for International whereas INT refers to the higher INT level organizations. Crew members of INT level organizations are required to have an INT security clearance which is somewhat difficult to acquire.
INT Base
See Gold.
The RPF out at Happy Valley.
Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, founder of Scientology. L. Ron Hubbard is often called "Ron" by his followers. Other names frequently used for him are: L. Ron Hubbard, The Commodore, Source, and The Admiral. Born in 1911 in Tilden, Nebraska; died in 1986.
Massacre Canyon Inn, the wog name of the large dining and clubhouse facility that used to be the large restaurant and dancefloor facility for the Gilman Hot Springs resort, and today this large building is the dining hall for the whole INT Base, and their local event space and auditorium type facility for all base meetings.
M&M House
Maintenance Man's house, where during the Gilman Hot Springs resort days, this house housed the permanent local maintenance personnel for the resort.
NED (New Era Dianetics) for OTs (Operating Thetans). New Era Dianetics is Dianetics on the wholetrack, your last 75 trillion years. NED for OTs is abbreviated NOTS, and as this is done solo, with the soup-can electrodes of the E-Meter in one hand so the other is free to write up the session, it is then called Solo NOTS.
Organization Executive Course. An executive training course and its associated policy in HCOPLs, Hubbard Communication Office Policy Letters, collected into a set of eight large numbered green volumes, also called the "Green Vols." A person knowing the data in these volumes fully and applying it could completely reverse any down-trending statistics, or even a bring back a failing company, Hubbard says.
Old Gilman's House. The family Gilman's actual old house. Gilman of the Gilman Hot Springs resort name. It is a two story old fashioned American house, and it's been a berthing building for staff for years. Then it was auditing rooms most recently, and today not sure how it is utilized. Possibly solo auditing rooms, I have no idea. Someone should offer the info on its current use.
Office of Special Affairs. The "dirty work" department, the cult's KGB. Took over from the GO, Guardian's Office, when the GO's leaders went to jail for infiltrating government offices, stealing and altering official files that put the cult in a bad light.
Office of Special Affairs International - Oversees DSA (Director of Special Affairs) network as well as handling international external threats against the Church of Scientology and international legal matters.
OT 3, OT Levels
Operating Thetan, one who is above Clear, a state of partial enlightenment, and who is not just free of unconscious impulses, but is free of other things too so that they can operate, and be causative over the physical universe and do kewl things like fry bugs, read minds, kill people with a thought, etc. Note: most of the OT levels have been modified over time, sometimes extensively. These modifications are designated "New OT (levels).
See also RPF. Pacific Area Command (Los Angeles area) Rehabilitation Project Force, in the basement of the Cedars Complex. Most RPF'ers live in Lebanon Hall and do their courses on the first floor of the main building. Only a few are sent to the basement the RPF's RPF down in the extensive tunnel network under the main building that extends out under the parking lot.
Planetary Dissemination Organization, does the international marketing and promotion.
R Comps
LRH Compilations, handles all LRH book research, editing, preparation for printing. Has been working on the Research and Discovery volumes for almost two decades now, and all LRH book matters.
Rehabilitation Project Force, the cult's internal gulag where bad people are sent for punishment or "rehabilitation"; a brain washing and penal organization.
Religious Technology Center. David Miscavige is COB - Chairman of the Board - of the RTC, which holds the trademarks and copyrights. Senior-most management organization in Scientology (on the chart). Protects the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology through the ownership of the trademarks. Includes the Inspector General Network which is responsible for the three main realms of activity (ethics, tech, and administration). Each of these realms are overseen by an Inspector General (IG Ethics, IG Tech, and IG Admin).
LRH Tech Research and Compilations
running program
In an effort to help tired executives who only worked 18 hour days, Hubbard devised a program of taking megadoses of mineral supplements and running circles around a pole or tree for five hours a day in desert heat.
Sea Org
SO, the Sea Org, the commanding and controlling element in the cult, partly working off ships, partly land-based at Flag in Clearwater, FLA, the Cedars Complex in Los Angeles, and other places. The core is now at the INT Base and the HGB, qv.
Senior Case Supervisor Int, part of INT management and is located with CMO INT. The person holding this post is considered the senior-most technical terminal within the Church and is responsible, with his or her juniors, for overseeing standard delivery, receiving tech related petitions, and c/s'ing difficult cases which cannot be resolved at a smaller organization.
Stacy Moxon Meyer
Int Base staff member, died in an electrocution accident. Daughter of Scientology lawyer Kendrick Moxon.
STCC evolution
Success Through Communication Course, a new communications course that all INT Base staff had to do, it was a COB order.
A series of 12 rundowns including: Ethics and Justice Repair Rundown, Personal Revival Rundown, Consequences Rundown, and False Data and Loss Rundown. Delivered by Super Power auditors at FSO (Flag) and might also be delivered to staff at Class Vs who have completed KTL (in English speaking organizations) and LOC. Release of this rundown is expected to make planetary clearing and the expanding of all service organizations to the size of old Saint Hill a reality.
Team Share system
System for rewards and penalties at the Int Base, to encourage teamwork and production
Translation Unit
Watchdog Committee. A high-level security arm designed to keep an eye on the other branches. Senior-most management organization in the Church of Scientology. WDC Chairman is, officially, the head of the Church. In 1993 this post was held by the CO CMO INT somewhat secretly, but it may be policy for these two posts to be held by the same individual. This organization oversees large areas of Scientology such as OSA, WISE, SMI, SO Service Orgs, etc. and each one of these areas are overseen by a specific executive (referred to as WDC OSA, WDC SMI, etc.).