Making Contact with Old Friends and other Ex-INT Base Staff and Ex-members

If you wish to hook up with other ex-INT Base staff, or anyone you have known in the Church of Scientology, you can check out the 3 discussion groups listed below for names of people you want to hook up with. You can also just check on Google, and search for the names of people.

Cautionary note to totally green internet posting Ex-Sea Org INT Base Staff members who haven't looked at confidential OT 3 and NOTs materials yet:
All of the discussion sites below will have OT 3 story and NOTs info in them, scattered in snatches and bits here and there, along with disparaging remarks. If you are going to continue in the church on services, then exposing yourself to these snatches and bits will cause a hitch in your going up the Bridge. Think it over carefully. However, thousands who were not Clear or OT 3 have survived the exposure. It's your choice.


This is the infamous Clambake discussion group. Least threatening.

This is the infamous FactNet discussion group. Slightly harsher.

This is the dominant anti-Scn newsgroup. This is ARS. All gloves off, often insane, insanely humorous and sometimes brutal. Anyone venturing onto ARS may want to consult the alt.religion.scientology Acronym/Terminology FAQ, originally compiled by Martin Hunt, for terms specific to Scientology and Scientology criticism.


This is an advanced search through the Google newsgroup archives which date back to the beginning of ARS as well as archives of many other newsgroups.


Reading ARS through google can be very cumbersome at times, and there is an easier way to access it using a newsreader program and connecting to a news server. Many people with Windows machines use Forte Agent or Free Agent. More information about other newsreaders can be found here. Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide access to a news server for their subscribers' use; if yours does not, there are other resources for reading and posting to news. If you have trouble getting and configuring a newsreader, post your question to ARS through Google, and, most likely if you're polite, someone will help you out.

This is a public news server in Germany. They allow cheap (about $12/year) access to all the groups they carry (about 24,000, text only, no binaries). Registration takes a day or so to complete.

This server is graciously run by Homer Wilson Smith and provides access only to scientology related newsgroups. Just use nntp.lightlink.com as the news server in your newsreader's configuration.