This website explores the social and political climate and activities of the Church of Scientology's secretive INT Base, also known as Gold Base, through interviews with Ex-INT Base Staff. Its purpose is multi-faceted:

  • to unveil the mystery for those who have never been at INT Base
  • as a means to catch up on the news and friends for those who were at INT Base at some point in time
  • as a historical record for present and future academic studies
It is hoped that through this series of interviews, these things can be accomplished, in addition to promoting an understanding of the experiences different people have had at INT Base.

Persons who can offer info to any degree on any events uplines at the INT Base, especially anything in the last 5 years, would be greatly appreciated.

If you are seeking to make contact with, or reconnect with, anyone you have known in the Church of Scientology, please see the Making Contact page.

For readers, there is a glossary. Right click to open in a new window and keep handy while you read the interviews. Readers may also want to check out "Through the Door".

Thank you.

"Communication is the universal solvent" - L. Ron Hubbard