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Saturday, 5th January, 2008 02:07:16pm

Name or Alias: Joker&Degrader
Training and/or processing level: Something equivalent to kindergraduate cause I sure fiddled with a lot of playdoh. I did enjoy the hypnosis drills tho, they were very relaxing. Also screamin at an ashtray vented a lot of my frustrations. They finally cleared me (my bnk acct too) and I was spiritually deloused. Works like Voodoo, I feel great!!! Oh and I learnt how to work their lil lie detector too. Should've used it on Hubbard and saved myself some money :)
Org or location: I liked to disappear every once in a while and blow too but I always 'came back' like the sea org motto... and wreaked havoc! LoL
Time involved in the Church of Scientology: Church?!! (g) I told them I wanted to sign a 1 trillion yr contract and get it over with LoL
Recommended Website - www.SATANISM.con
1. How did you first become acquainted with the Church of Scientology?
First, I did a drug test, then a personality treatment and voila, I came out squeaky clean, not an alien entity could withstand the powerful onslaught of this magnificent technology - and religion at the same time - created by the incredible genius of LRH (hip, hip.. hOOray!) Like he himself said in Keeping the Faith Working: It's all true from here on out; in the year 2000 and from there on out - like a billion years, for example. Without alterations or deviations - same tech. That's all we're ever gonna know, yanno. That's what he meant, right?! Anyhow... It's like Einstein, yanno? He da man, rite? Fo'evah! Awrite. But there are no absolutes. Even Ron knew that.

Nevertheless, to finish answering the question; once the front group(s) and the business got involved, thats all she wrote, kno' I'mean? :] That's this life! Before that there's no telling. And we called it, or they did -at the time- an org. (short for organization) not a church and in Mexico, I remember being told, it couldn't be called a church for 'legal' reasons. Something 'bout the catholic church there or that's what we were told. But that's how I got tangled up with Scientology and ended up losing my religion (catholicism) But that's ok cause I don't believe in virgin births anyhow but I DO love Jesus, don't get me wrong. Jesus's cool, well virgin births are cool too but... And Moses and his burning bush? Hmmm... I think he was the original coptic christian I'm pretty sure :) I think he shoulda shared and not hogged that blunt cause Yahweh was one angry dude, man! He was sooooo testy; and jealous too. And somewhat hypocritical cause he killed and he coveted another man's wife; so he definitely didn't keep those 2 of his commandments. ;)

2. What initially appealed to you about scientology?
The SUPER POWERS! :) Like everyone else. The telepathy, reading minds, telekinesis, spiritual space travel, being and perceiving outside one's body and with full perception without need of a body eventually able to recreate one's body and others, able to blow up planets, raise your penis erect thru mind control - that kinda power, yanno? Piece of cake for the tremendous technology that Ron left behind as his legacy for us. I don't know when he'll be back but as soon as this great tech is all released and known by mankind we will have on earth a world that will be beautiful, without criminals and without cops too, yanno? No crazy people and therefore no psychiatrists cause we all know cause Tom Cruise told us that he knows all about the history of psychiatry and it's not a good thing. Take vitamins instead. And don't do like that druggie Brooke Shields did, for gawd's sake! And finally a world where the Military-Industrial Complex has ceased to exist and given up their multi-trillion a year industry (same with the drug companies as well) for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and because if you're against Scientology, we all know you're a suppressive person - that's right, an SP - and you have no rights even under the Constitution in this United States because LRH said that they can be deprived of property and injured by another scientologist without any consequence to same and they are to be destroyed and utterly ruined if at all possible because they're bad people and have bad characteristics as shown in the Ethics Book. I don't know why but that reminds me cause the mind is capable of seeing differences, similarities and of identification, like Ron says and in one of his basic books - either FOT or NSOL - Ron talks about how people or the mob can designate some people to be the black hats and start a witch hunt. I don't know why that came to mind. But I liked all the spiritual stuff too. I was attracted to theta and I didn't like the guys in the uniforms; I never did - it's a secret; not supposed to tell, yanno? Especially that Finance Police, that's more like Nazi Germany. However that's all in the past now... with new ahh... under new mgmt, so to speak :) Better service, better tech: Golden Age of Tech! Better than Ron's...wait a min ahh anyhow, the people looked soooo happy too... and friendly. It was like a love bomb. I was hooked!

3. Were there problems in your life that you thought scientology would address?
I was seeking Nirvana (for lack of better words and because the concept is relatively well conveyed by the use of this word) I'd been smoking pot and taking acid and I wanted to have similar out of body experiences but naturally, you know? Without chemicals like LSD or other hallucinogens except maryjane which was not as strong; although I did have a couple nice experiences on weed - one where I even left my body tho remaining in the vicinity of it. I was tripping, man! It was another dimension. I didn't even feel my body. Oh and what about the time I smoked that good black afghan hashish, boy!! I guarantee! LoL I almost died that night! :) But no, I had no problems. I just wanted better and faster methods to continue. Funny thing's I never have had any experience like that but I'm hoping with SuperPower and the higher upper levels like IX and X when they're released, which should be pretty soon now cause we've been waiting a while and there's lots of OT VIIs who are well some have been on the level for years, 10, 12 yrs and it's VITAL VITAL stuff for this planet that's why we need to HAVE that building so we can DELIVER (DO) this extremely necessary technology which is SUPERPOWER!!! And then of course, IX, X, XI, XII and all the rest of the reg cycles which Ron left all for us to be moved on to (like cattle) the next level when we are ready for it and we have the money cause we cannot be criminal and have a criminal exchange with the church which is providing such valuable technology that is worth more than cars or pensions or real estate or gold or inheritances and should be exchanged for this jewel of a miracle called auditing that Ron created and he spent a fortune researching but never made a cent from, like he told us. And Ron wouldn't lie to us. And we should buy all his books and give books to all our friends and relatives for Christmas and on their birthdays, etc. And dont forget to buy the super expensive Scientology jewelry to help the GI cause the staff shouldn't go around looking tired and hungry and they deserve to make more than $50 a week - after all they sometimes work up to 80+ hours a week without a day off and neglecting their spouse and even children at times. Especially the dedicated sea org robots (I'm kidding, I'm just jokin') (g) LoL NEXT QUESTION!

4. Did you see, experience, or hear about things that didn't seem right while you were in the Church of Scientology? What were they, and what convinced you to set aside your feelings?
Everything's right if it's for the greatest good of dynamics and Scientology does the greatest good for any and all the dynamics and is therefore survival and whatever one does to help the survival of the group and Scientology (same difference) is the greatest good because Scientology IS the greatest good and therefore there can be nothing wrong to see or hear in Scientology UNLESS (pointing finger up) one does NOT follow the tech and commits overts in which case one needs to write them up and confess and be forgiven although in what is greatness Ron says that forgiving is not so good cause well, it's called What Is Greatness - look it up! So if the tech isnt followed then one is out-ethics and has to make amends or even go in the RPF and if they don't straighten your arse, then it's to the RPF's RPF and you're treated like a nazi concentration camp prisoner and live with roaches and eat leftovers from the staff and worked to the bone till you see the party line or fall in line, rather. But I never saw that cause it's out-PR and that's very important to keep one's PR so as to hide the outnesses but this is out ethics but it's the greatest good cause it's Scientology and they're above the law and one day when we take over the planet and it's ALL CLEAR we'll make the laws! And everyone will move up that bridge whether it's paid in gold, silver or blood sweat and tears like we're all supposed to and help Ron clear this sector of the madhouse and then to infinity and beyond. I also saw some people being screamed at and I was shouted at myself but I'm sure in all cases we 'pulled it in' cause nothing bad happens unless we attract it; pull it in, see? Like Lisa Mc Pherson. She must have had some overts! Or Quentin, one of the ole man's sons with his 3rd wife, Mary Sue - yeah, the one who went to jail with some half dozen other scientologists for of all things, 'stealing copy paper' Can you believe these raving mad SPs in the government! And it was all IRS too, thank God, our Chairman of the Board went in and straightened it all out with the IRS to the point where those tax cruds are now our best friends and they even have a rep in each Church - our very own tax compliance officer in our own church. The ole man's prolly rolling in his grave but such are the times and shows that ARC works! :) I could say more cause I saw more but I hate to say it, 'we're all responsible for our own condition' So STOP BEIN A WUSS! Get with the program and if you see something wrong write it up to RTC; they'll eventually get to it...and HANDLE IT! TERMINATEDLY! Prolly won't exist by then. We can all DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Cause SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT. And you should THINK FOR YOURSELF! And the sea org people SHOULD 'do something about it' And they should 'think for themselves' Cause you know Davie isn't thinkin of nuttin but $cientology! You know, the greatest good!

5. Why did you choose to stay in the Church of Scientology?
Why else? The TECH! Anyone who has done the UPPER LEVELS of this magnificent creation of the unbelievable genius of our founder, called Scientology, KNOWS...(pause)...that they CAN'T get this technology ANYWHERE ELSE! Nothing stands in the way of the tech: No confusions, no drug induced amnesias, no hypnotic implants, nothing! I also chose to stay for the same reasons that originally attracted me to Scientology that I could now read all about in Ron's books like History of Man where we learn about man's evolutionary path where, for example, when man was the piltdown man (which was proven to be a hoax later - no such animal) However, I will NOT join staff cause I don't like the hrs and the pay, nor the living conditions of some staff. Besides, Public gets treated with more ARC; especially when a reg wants your money! :) I'm STILL hopin' I can attain SUPERPOWER!!!!!
It's the HOPE that Scientology does provide that acts like the rabbit when he's chasing the carrot being dangled in front of him - same result. It's a motivating influence, fur sure. So I carry on, not like some of the wusses that left, no quit - gave up! Quitters! Yanno, people like Arnie Lerma. He wasn't given the hand of his fair maiden Suzette Hubbie so he QUIT! Gave up on such a noble purpose as Clearing the Planet! What kinda man does sumpin' like'at, I ask you! Or this guy, WollerSHAM! LoL
Gotta hand it to'im though; he milked the sea org for all he put into it for sure - 8 MILLION SMACKEROOS!!! Way ta go, Wally! :)~
I'm staying personally cause eventually I want to become as successful as Reid Slatkin who co-founded Earthlink with Sky Dayton but with a different ending to the story line ;) And what about this dude, Armstrong, he used to be a good lookin young man when he was on the ship, the Apollo, with Ron and look at'im now after OSA's been after him spookin' him for years! The man looks like he came out of the most electrifying horror house EVER!!! He scary, aint'e?! But he's a sweetheart though, I can tell - just a tad crazy. And what about this man, Creed Pearson, now that one takes the cake - he one loony fruitcake aint'e?! LoL I think he should report in for a repair or crammin or sumpin' Maybe they can do the Introspection Rundown on him and get it over with! Or maybe the Ls can clear his bank [acct] for good! LoL I don't quit like Minton. I stay and fight for my cause - even if I lose all my money, I stay and fight; like a man. Cause he's Nor a man Starkey said. And it's a con stant battle to keep the flock in. I help and I get trained to recruit more members and sell more services so we can make more money cause THIS IS OUR CHURCH!

6. Were you staff or public? If staff, was it at a mission or an org? Were you ever in the Sea Org or OSA? Which unit? If not on staff, did you ever volunteer to 'help out'?
Public and yes sometimes I volunteered and other times I was near dragged too but I didn't like it when they blocked the doors tho - ever happen to you? :) OSA means female bear in spanish :) it's true! (chuckle) I'm just joking hehe I was once in the International Western Hemisphere of the Eastern half of the United States Continental Liasion Chief Principal Main Command Center...for Tech...........but they kicked me out - said I's unfit! (chuckle)
I had a high respect for these people in the sea org and the CMO and then I hear they're mistreated, sometimes, like in russian gulags or german concentration camps. And this is the elite? This should change. I'm writting to the RTC right this minute!

7. Why did you leave the Church of Scientology? Was there a "final straw"?
Oh no I'm STILL IN! I'm gung-ho. I'll go down with the ship. And t'seems may be goin' down anytime soon, yanno? I think Miscavige's efin up. Maybe it was Mike Rinder who messed up and is perhaps even blown himself now?? Maybe it's the MarKabian influence; cause Xenu escaped, you know. I guess the battle in the sky will rage on between our fearless leader, L. Ron Hubbard and Mr. Xenu Etrawl, Head of the Intergalactic Federation aka the MarKabian Confederacy or Confederation of Stars, I'm not sure. I wonder who will prevail, of course I want Ron to win, dont you?! Cause he's the lesser of two evils. That evil Xenu he blew up all those billions, no TRILLIONS of beings with hydrogen bombs, AFTER he tricked them and froze'em and hypnotized them and he wasn't thru yet, oh nooo! He then captured the disembodied spirits with giant magnets and made'em watch bad weird movies of what would eventually happen here on Earth because of this implant that Ron dreamed up while on rum and pinks and greys (chuckle) no, just kiddin' He managed to pull off the ultimate trick - he uncovered all this incredibly well hidden data and sold it to the world for all it was worth. Well, actually a lil more than that but we're all glad to sacrifice for the cause that's why we even donate even more money for different causes like the superpower bldg project which has been goin on now for what, ages, right?! And the IAS - hip hip! And books to underdeveloped countries and the famine in Africa and the psunami in the Phillipines - it's incredible the work. But those of us who DO understand - even psychiatry like Tom Cruise - will NEVER leave! There is no final straw. We build a world with broken straws and may the strongest survive and if you've been eating rice and beans for a while you can hardly walk and perform bodily functions; you're anemic and can't even get auditing or be studentable. So get your ethics in, write up your O/Ws and try to see how you pulled all this crap in, yanno? Cause that's not survival. That's not the greatest good. That's Scientology! Flourish and Prosper!

8. Do you think the Church of Scientology needs to change some of its practices? If so, what should be changed? How did those practices affect your life?
Yes, I think the yelling at the ashtray drill should either be dropped altogether or more of these exercises done in a gradient scale of difficulty should be incremented. Also, the Church should add more telepathy drills if we are to use it later on in our spiritual progress, I'm not saying; just in case we ever have to use telepathy at all in the future. I feel it should be done on a gradient scale too and not sprung on members all of a sudden is all. What else? I think the practice of regging should be done away with completely. If people need their next step or some auditing or whatever and this is gonna save their eternity they should just go to the cashier and pay up, yanno? If Scientology is soooo good why do they have to sell it to ya?! Get your Ethics IN! Also the chappels should be destroyed cause they're mostly for pretty and used for a myriad of other purposes - at least in most churches. Or better yet rename them, like Banquet Hall or Conference Room; not chappel cause we never hold masses and we don't pray to God or anything. Heck, we never hardly ever mention HIM at all! (chuckle) Except in the upper levels perhaps when you're cleaning the lice off ya and you're like GoD, get me outta this place! ROFL I'm just teasin' What am I doing here, Lord? Who da F is Xenu?! roflmao Laughter IS the best medicine - Flourish and Prosper!
Oh wait, wait, I think also the practice of TRs, especially bullbaiting and TR0 (eyes open) should be modified so that a guy like me is never paired off with some knockout of a chick that has her hOOters pointed at ya and wOW, does that make it hard to confront! roflmfaooooooooo Oh and finally, put in place some kinda reward system so that each time a pc F/Ns $10 is knocked off his next auditing intensive. Oh and the staff should be paid better than say what they pay at Amscot or at least U-Haul where they start you at $9 an/hr. Reward the upstat, yanno?

9. If the items you listed in the previous question were changed, would you consider rejoining or staying in the Church of Scientology? If so, why?
Yes, sir, I'm STAYING! I will even join staff at $9 an hour, hell!
Why? Because this is the BEST RELIGION IN THE WORLD! I don't have to pray to God or PRAY AT ALL! There's no communion and I don't get slapped in the face or get water sprinkled on me when I can't even breathe right yet. :) Why? BecaUSE I get to DO TRs with CHICKS that are hot and yanno....CON front them! Because I will be polishing up on my telepathic skills and my telekinesis powers - HELL, I want that damn ash tray to go flying and smash itself up against the wall when I command it to. Anyways, I'll have an eternity to keep practising till I get it right, Ima mean lean spyRITUAL BEing, I tell ya! And since I am an ethical individual I'll save my money and when it's time for next purification or I just need to be cleaned up a bit or need my next 6 month sec check at Flag, I'll simply go and like a good lil boy take my moolah down to the cashier and enroll - cause it's for the duration of the universe, remember? That's like the equivalent of what, like a 100 years or so, right? In human terms anyways; for a thetan, time is a consideration; so in Ron's world it's an eternity. Can you imagine? Yes, I'm in from Chicago and I'd like to pay for my next L. I called and I was told it's only $30,000 because I've been accumulating those $10 rewards for each F/N that I mentioned before and well, I'd like to get started :) Oh and I'll be having a seance in the chappel, or the Conference Room, rather. I keep forgetting :) We're trying to contact the soul of L. Ron Hubbard but no luck so far.. hehe We're doing and A=A=A to see if that helps. You know he was into significancies cause he da one who figured it all out in the 1st place. ;) I ain't goin' nowhere!

10. Any additional comments you would like to make?
Yes, I wish more people would come into Scientology so they could reach towards TOTAL SPIRITUAL FREEDOM which is called the BridgeTM I think the TM stands for transcendental Meditation, not sure, though. Scientology doesn't cost hundreds of thousands of dollars like you hear on the net, that's only for the fools who have that kinda money. Staff can do it all for free as long as they meet all their contractual obligations and all other personal matters secured and you've managed to eat more than a high carbohydrate sugar diet and have slept more than 6 hours if you're lucky, so there! It's free! Keep it so! That's the ole man's wishes. Cause once we clear this planet and everyone becomes OT it'll be a wonderful world to live in, where you only have to write someone up and Ethics comes and takes them away and HANDLES them. Or if you feel bad or depressed or whatever, you take your tail into the org. and go in seance and handle the thing that was bugging ya; and all for a mere $4,000 a 12 hour intensive cause you gotta buy the whole thang and wutever you don't use now, you can save for later to buy books or donate to an Africa or Middle East book project or sumpin, yanno? Can you imagine? A world without Insanity, Criminality nor War! WoW!
A true panacea. An impossible dream, you say? It would be heaven on earth even though Heaven - according to Ron's last report - it's not in such a good condition; kinda shabby looking these days but anyways... Let's take a look: No insanity. Cept those the International Justice Chief declares 'suppressive' and without rights of any kind whatsoever cause they're the truly 'insane' people, the anti-social; according to Scientology Ethics. For an SP to be treated he would have to submit themselves to an RPF's RPF and then undergo the Introspection Rundown and then a thorough de-lousing would be in order = NEW MAN! Homo Novis - ready to serve at the Sandcastle at Flag: Would you like fries with that, sir? I used to be a psychiatrist but thanks to Ron's tech I became 'born again,' if you will and gave up my evil practice and listened to Tom Cruise and joined the sea org for a billion years! I'm sooo happy now! I used to make tons of money and now I get a $50 a wk allowance if I'm good and didn't go out ethics and 'pulled in' a pay-cut. :( No War: Can you imagine all the world's superpowers turning in all their nukes for the promise of salvation that only Scientology can offer? If you can, you have a great imagination. No wonder you're ready for Scientology. Don't worry, we'll 'clear' you (wink) And if a leader of a nation wants to start a war, the slighest movement forward, in that direction, you know... ETHICS enters in, they go into the presidential palace or the Pentagon or whatever and grab the usurper, you know, the instigator, the culprit - that means guilty person - and off to the RPF's RPF. They're in need of serious rehabilitation because war hurts people. Or is itr people hurt people? I'm not sure. Guns kill, I know that! Finally.....NO CRIMINALITY: wOW! What a concept? That means regges couldn't rip people off well, they'd be no regges in my Scientology World. What about yours? (Theetie-weetie, sweetness and light, namby pamby, panty waist look in my eyes and smile on my face :) That would also mean the IRS wouldn't exist and the Tax Compliance Officers would have to file for unemployment and sue the, well, they're no longer here, sorry :\ Can you REALLY imagine a world without crime? No criminals = no police = no jails = no theft or crime. Imagine the HUGE amounts of money we would save?? It'd be enuff to pay for the war in Iraq, wait! Wars don't exist anymore, either. :/
It's a benign circle that well, it woukld put all those mexicans outta the construction of jails business. And all the people who work for the jail system, too. Parole and probation officers, all the people involved in the War against drugs system also. All out of jobs; it would be total chaos. The unemployment office would have to hire all these people just be able to deliver to everyone. And the IRS agents couldnt go work for H&R Block cause they'd be no income tax cause that's a ripoff :( And no more hospitals cause criminals wouldnt exist to put people there and there would be no accidents cause no-one would be PTS as all the SPs would be rounded up and placed in an island like they did leppers in So. America and all the degraded beings would be put to work so they can feel good about themselves and live in harmony with ev eryone else and not be bums that's so downstat and could wind you up in Ethics and on the RPF - yanno wuttamean?! (wink) So no more hospitals and no more doctors cause all disease and sickness stems from PTSness and no more medicine, no more drugs - ONLY VITAMINS! Oh and minerals, too.
Can you imagine? No more nurses, no more pharmacies; all these people would just have to sign up for staff and get on the org board, you know? Wouldn't that be so neat?!!! (twinkle in third eye) LoL
And then it would be like Ron told us in Clear and Eternity where we are prodded to look at the vast vistas or vast panoramas or sumpin, you know, the future....way, way beyond time; real real far away in time and space and poof, you're gone! What were we talkin' bout? (confused look) So there you have it. Join Scientology. We're looking for a few good people too. And the Marines won't exist in the future so we'll have to pay for your college tuition but you won't get blown up in a sneseless war, you know?
Finally, I want to say that in the future Scientology is gointa expand by leaps and bounds. More than in all their previous ages and incarnations; or should I say reincarnations? We're gonna get into a heavy promotional age. The Golden Age of Promotion, if you will. And it's going on National TV at all hours, placing hundreds, if not thousands, of infomercials on Dianetics & Scientology and it'll be like well, say you get a 12.5 hours intensive at Flag for $10,000 but you get THREE GIFTS along with your purchase: The PDC tapes, Route to Infinity and the Power of Choice tapes. And if you aren't satisfied, not only do you get all your money back - cept $1,000 that go directly to David Miscavige, as a commission; cause he's the head of Scientology - some say the dick-hed LoL just kiddin' - but you also get to keep
all 3 gifts!!! wOw! (O\|/O)
[ O ]
We're gonna grow like crazy and take over the government(s) and the whole planet! I bet Xenu and his minions are watchin us now and they know it's all gonna come to a head in the War of the Stars, starting Xenu Etrawl as the evil Darth-Vader look alike, Elron Elray, Ron Hubbard's real permanent whole track name, David Miscavige, playing himself - he'll be great, you just watch! Mike Rinder as the Loyal Officer that blows and is recovered and thrown in the Freewinds RPF. GUillaume Lesevre as Dufus, one of Xenu's most trusted men. And finally that LRH new biographer with the bad hairdo and all his mannerisms - he plays a gay guy in the Helatrobus Implant Sector. He always makes it go rite! In comes Noraman Star-Sky, a lovely female transgender alien who commands the Milky Way AirForce, well, I shouldn't give away the whole plots but it's gonna get us TONS of converts like Battlefield Earth did with Ron Travolta. (chuckle) Of course, no-one can match the OT powers of one Tom Cruise when he single-handedly (well, almost...he had handlers) almost destroyed psychiatry cause he knows its history, you're not gonna fool Tom, yanno? He da man; all 5'71/2' of him!
So there you have it, that's our future. And you'll be in it in good shape or in the RPF, take your pick. Wanna go ta jail? Or u wanna go home? (Danzel Washington in Training Day, I think it is) It's all over baby! We're taking the whole universe by storm! Supreme Copmmander, Elron Elray awaits UP in the stars! Don't keep'im waitin'... He's liable to throw a tantrum that will be heard across the galaxy! :) He needs to get a rehab on an old 'source' win he had way back... He's unflat on the question 'IS IT ALL SCIENCE FICTION, AFTER ALL?!!!' in one of his source sec checks he made up anyways. He knows what he's talkin' bout! So get ready, cause here we come now! :) We're gonna convert you. We're gonna purify you and find out all your crimes. You're gonna come clean or be sent to Ethics and to the RPF. We'll pull all your withholds and all your sins will be forgiven for a tidy sum and you will be able to communicate cause communicatuion is very important in Scientology and we'll let you know if you ever do so on anything we consider entheta as we can't have that cause it enturbulates everybody and even the Commodeodor gets his panties all in a wad when he hears stuff like'at. He likes theta and he'd rather have you dead than incapable and he'll decide that! ;) Oh and you mustn't go on the net or have a net nanny program if you do so you don't get contaminated by all these SPs that are just waiting there online to entrap you and make you commit overts against the only hope of mankind - which is Ron and Scientology so come on people, hip, hip..........HOORAY! Flow power to power and donate now, before it's too late - before the rush! I can just see it now loads of people at our doorsteps forking over all their money for the price of Freedom! wOW!!!

Only thing I don't like about this world is I'm gonna have to CSW for a day off and pray my stats are up! That sucks! :(


And vote for Ron Paul! Well, at least google the man. :)

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