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Friday, 23rd March, 2007 11:37:23am

Name or Alias: grouchella PART nine
Training and/or processing level: H.Q.S.
Org or location: N/A
Time involved in the Church of Scientology: N/A
Recommended Website - http://
1. How did you first become acquainted with the Church of Scientology?
see below

2. What initially appealed to you about scientology?

3. Were there problems in your life that you thought scientology would address?

4. Did you see, experience, or hear about things that didn't seem right while you were in the Church of Scientology? What were they, and what convinced you to set aside your feelings?

5. Why did you choose to stay in the Church of Scientology?

6. Were you staff or public? If staff, was it at a mission or an org? Were you ever in the Sea Org or OSA? Which unit? If not on staff, did you ever volunteer to 'help out'?

7. Why did you leave the Church of Scientology? Was there a "final straw"?

8. Do you think the Church of Scientology needs to change some of its practices? If so, what should be changed? How did those practices affect your life?

9. If the items you listed in the previous question were changed, would you consider rejoining or staying in the Church of Scientology? If so, why?

10. Any additional comments you would like to make?
I was surprized to read that 'Dear Alice' is in a counterintelligence KUBACK vietnam war era declassified memo about INTERROGATION. A technique called 'Alice in wonderland' to discombobulate one's mind into unfamiliar and strange goings-on. Makes one more susceptable to get out /secret/personal information.
My urge when I see Hubbard Dianetics in the mall. is to goosestep by with the nazi salute and say 'Seig heil to the church of scientology'.
The Buffalo Springfield said it the best.-'There's something happening here, what it is AIN'T EXACTLY 'CLEAR'!!

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