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Thursday, 11th May, 2006 06:34:13am

Name or Alias: part 2 GROUCHELLA part 2
Training and/or processing level: HQS
Org or location: N/A
Time involved in the Church of Scientology: N/A
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1. How did you first become acquainted with the Church of Scientology?
see part 1

2. What initially appealed to you about scientology?
see part 1

3. Were there problems in your life that you thought scientology would address?
see part 1

4. Did you see, experience, or hear about things that didn't seem right while you were in the Church of Scientology? What were they, and what convinced you to set aside your feelings?
Yeah- when I took the 'communications' course in 1972 I wrote to Ron asking why not practice what you preach? - and communicate; come to the USA and give some talks- they didn't like that. I got an answer in the form of a form letter.
At the time some books came out which mentioned Scientology and Hubbard - about Charles Manson & also about Aleister Crowley. So i asked what about Manson and scientology? Their answer was in the form of a question. 'Do you think that someone like him had anything to do with scientology?' The lesson is if it seems too good to be true Stay away. Anyway,to an extent, I kept my inquiring mind intact.

5. Why did you choose to stay in the Church of Scientology?
It seemed like there were some truth and one could pick and choose. The rest was un intelligible.

6. Were you staff or public? If staff, was it at a mission or an org? Were you ever in the Sea Org or OSA? Which unit? If not on staff, did you ever volunteer to 'help out'?

7. Why did you leave the Church of Scientology? Was there a "final straw"?

8. Do you think the Church of Scientology needs to change some of its practices? If so, what should be changed? How did those practices affect your life?

9. If the items you listed in the previous question were changed, would you consider rejoining or staying in the Church of Scientology? If so, why?

10. Any additional comments you would like to make?
I remember in May 1971 at an anti-war protest in Washington D.C., a young fellow came along and taught us to stare at another's eyes. And he physically rehearsed us in sitting down, what was to be, in the middle of the street. And we rehearsed that when the police would shoo us away we would resume sitting down to block traffic. The slogan was 'if the government does not stop the Vietnam war we will stop the government.' This guy seemed very smart to me.
That was a preview of the H A S when they said 'Keep your TR's in.' Very clever. But stupid.

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