Scientology - Disconnection Hurts



Being disconnected myself, I understand the heartache involved, and while, at present, I think reconnecting with my disconnected person is impossible, I would like to help anyone else who would like to reconnect to do so. People who have been disconnected for a long time may want to reconnect but may lack any knowledge of how to find the other person. I have occasionally been contacted by people who have read an interview on Scientology - Through the Door, asking if I knew how to get in touch with the person. Unfortunately, I didn't. I'd like to change that with this site.


How will this work? On the form, there is a place for contact information. It is not required, but if you would like to leave information where someone can reach you, it will not appear on the site, but will remain in storage, along with your interview, until needed. Unfortunately, for now, anything related to Scientology (except being the good Scientologist you are supposed to be), can be a paranoid business (and with good reason). Below are the answers to some possible concerns you might have regarding this.


Will my contact information be handed out to just anyone who asks for it?
No. What I will do is this: If someone reads your interview and asks to be put in touch with you, I will get their contact information, I will contact you, and give you the information to contact them. It will be up to you to determine the authenticity of the contact information given, and the sincerity of the person wanting you to contact them. I will only contact you if someone asks to reconnect with you, or if you ask me to.
What sort of contact information should I leave? Email? Snail mail? Phone number?
An email address. Choose an email address that you intend to keep for a long time, as it may be a long time before your disconnected person finds you. At the time I contact you, you can give me additional methods to send the inquiring person, if you want to.
What if my contact information changes?
I've included a field for a confirmation code. Please choose a secure phrase that no one will be able to guess. Even better would be to just keep your specified email address, even if you only use it for this purpose.
Is this just for people who are not members of the Church of Scientology, or can current members leave contact information?
This is for anyone who has experienced disconnection - current members, ex-members, and non-members. Disconnection affects everyone involved. Disconnection discriminates; I do not. If you are a current member, I'm sure you are aware of what the church would think about your wanting to reconnect with someone you have disconnected from. I also know that there are people in the church who regret disconnecting from loved ones. Let your conscience be your guide. My opinion is that you shouldn't have to choose.
Will you keep an eye out for an interview by [person's_name]?
No, I'm sorry, but it will be up to you to keep an eye out for [person's_name]. The person you seek may use an alias, may have changed names, or may have the same name as someone else. Reading the details the person gives should let you know if he or she is your particular disconnected person.
Where will my contact information be kept? Will it be online?
Your information will not be kept online. I will not say exactly where it will be kept, as that might increase its vulnerability. I will keep it as safe as I can.
Why are you doing this? What do you get out of it?
As I said above, I know the heartache of disconnection first hand. I want to help people when I can. I don't get anything from this except the knowledge that I am doing what I can toward this end. I do not receive any financial compensation; my web sites don't have ads, never have, and never will. If I can facilitate reconnection, that is my reward.
Why should I trust you?
I don't ask you to trust me. I ask you to make your own decision. Ask around. Read my disconnection story. If you search on "ethercat" and "scientology," you will find that I have been involved in the scientology-critical community for a long time. In the end, it is your choice.

Additional questions?

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,