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Unfortunately, spammers have discovered this site now, so I have temporarily disabled the interview form. If you would like to do the interview before it is reopened, please answer the questions in a text editor and email it to me here: emailme.html
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Thank you for telling your disconnection story. In addition to the specific questions, there is space for any additional comments you wish to make at the end.

Please note: this site is about intentional disconnections. It is not intended to cover stories of people who drifted apart, moved away and lost touch, or other such dissolutions of a relationship. It is intended to cover only scientology-related disconnections that were deliberate.

A real name is not necessary unless you are comfortable with leaving it, otherwise, please make up an alias. However, in the case that you would like to reconnect with the person, leaving a real name or a nickname that your disconnected person would recognize, if they should happen upon this site, will let them know your feelings on this matter.

The required fields are "Name or Alias," "Membership status?, "Which one of you disconnected?, and "Additional comments." All other questions are voluntary.

There is a place for contact information; what you put here will not appear on the site, and is not a required field. I am interested in helping any disconnected people who wish to reconnect to do so, provided both are willing. Read more about why and how this will work.

If you have ever been a member of the Church of Scientology, please consider answering the interview questions at Scientology - Through the Door.

WARNING: If you have reason to maintain your anonymity, whether it be family or friends in the Church of Scientology, fear of retribution or Black PR, or anything else, please take care to leave out personal details which could be pieced together by OSA to determine your identity.

Name or Alias:

Membership status?

Which one of you disconnected?

How long ago was your disconnection?

1. What is (or was) your relationship to the disconnected person?

2. What were the circumstances surrounding the disconnection?

3. Were you given a choice about disconnecting? Was there anything you could have done to avoid the disconnection? If so, please describe the choice involved or what you could have done. Do you now feel that you made the best decision?

4. Was a formal disconnection letter sent? If so, what did it say? If not, how was the disconnection communicated?

5. In what way has the disconnection affected your life?

6. What were your feelings at the time about the disconnection?

7. What are your current feelings about the disconnection?

8. Has there been an attempt at reconnection? Were there any conditions for reconnecting? If there was an attempt, did you succeed at reconnecting?

9. If you are currently disconnected, would you like to reconnect? Do you believe it is possible, in your particular case? If not, why?

Would you like to make any additional comments?

If you would like to leave contact information in the form of an email address, leave it in the next box below. Information left in the following 2 boxes will not appear on the interview page, and will not be stored online.

If you have not done so already, please read "Why and How?" now. (This link will open in a new window to prevent you from losing your current answers.)

If you think you may ever want to change the email address you left in the box above by emailing me, please be sure to include a confirmation code so that you can be verified as the original interviewee. It can be as long as you want it to be, in any form you would like, e.g. a phrase, question and answer, math problem, or a long string of random characters, as long as it is something you will remember. (Do not choose a confirmation code that is easy to guess or find out!)

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