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Name or Alias: Chuck Beatty
Training and/or processing level: Mainly Course Sup training
Locations before INT Base: FSO,FB,CW,Complex,RTRC,Int RPF,HGB,INCOMM,INCOMM Int,INCOMM LA,ASI,Decks Int,Int RPF,PAC RPF, routed out
Time period at INT Base: 83-84,88-89,90-91,96


1. What in your opinion are the most interesting or biggest projects and strategies being worked on at the Base that are NOT known outside the Base during any time period?

I don't know all that is on the internet, and I haven't seen all the new buildings on the base, but I heard of them from the other Int RPFers, 96-2000, like the RTC Building, the Berthing Buildings, the CMO Int and Exec Strata office building(S?), I heard that Del Sol is now Qual Gold auditing spaces. The chicken coup that long ago RPFers used to live in, was transformed into a Bavarian style course room for deckees by 1995. On the Happy Valley ranch, there is endlless things I can relate. The red trailers that the Int RPF lived in starting in 1995, were eventually demolished and buried way on the edge of the property. All the Int RPFers now live in the Motels buildings. The kids at the Int Ranch all grew up and were moved off the base in 2000. And the Int RPF has the whole ranch except for the ranch staff berthed there. The Int RPF mainly work at the Castle on sets for movies and videos and other cycles they are able to do using the Castle shop equipment. The ranch was majorly renovated in the early 90's, new asphalt road, basketball court (a nice one), the swimming pool was fixe up, all the buildings were reno'd and repainted, it really looked great in the mid to late 90's when I was there on the Int RPF. When the kids left in 2000, some of the fields, like the sports field, was neglected, since it was not needed for the kids to play on any longer. The Int ranch was getting into farm animals. I cared for pigs, chickens, and turkeys. I did years of farm work, all the manual work, harvesting, planting, anything that was able to be done without machinery, since RPFers can't drive large engined equipment. I did fire break work, I loved all the hard outdoor farm work myself.
Could have stayed there as staff, but the RPF problem doesn't smoothly phase you into another job, its rules for graduation are fixed and wouldn't allow that. I haven't a clue about any strategies in recent years, I was off the lives in Dec 95, when I went to the decks uplines, having bombed out as Exec Esto ASI.

2. Is there any news about things that are common knowledge at the Base, but completely unknown outside, in your opinion?

Funniest experience I thought was hiding in the red RPF trailers at Happy Valley when the german news people came to film the Int RPF, looking for Weibke Hansen. She indeed was on the Int RPF then, and surely out of sight somewhere. She graduated and uses her artistic talents in Gold I believe now. The Int RPF made the sets for the last LRh tech films.


1. Are the weekly all base briefings by COB still held Saturday nights around 9pm, in MCI? Do any noteworthy briefings stand out in your mind?

Up to the end of 95 they were. Only thing I noticed, that hasn't lessened, is that during the talks, there is a definite pecking order mentality in the room when the whole group is assembled. RTCers are seated front right, ASI front left. CMOI behind RTC. CST staff behind ASI. CMO Gold behind CMOI, HU behind them, then Gold. And behind CST is Exec Strata I believe, then certain Exec Strata sub units, and then Gold. To me RTC had still a snobbishness still in many of the staff. Like an invisible 'we are the elite of the elite', and not for all, the older timers in RTC have their own unique layers of eliteness and special confidential duties and tasks that only they know about.
It is quite an experience being in the midst of the whole Int Base crew assembled. There are so many stories relating to each person at Int. If you are a people watching person, crowd watcher, this crowd of people is one of the most unique groups to be in the midst of. The thoughts rumbling around in their heads while COB speaks, if one were a mind-reader.

2. Are Sea Org ceremonies still held at the Base, outdoors? Are there any troubles holding events outdoors any longer, and why is that?

In summer 1995 they were. They held it at night, about 2 hours long. Had fireworks, had bleachers set up. I am sure if someone had driven by on the road, and took some telephotos, they'd have gotten quite a few of the 600-700 base staffers in a photo.

3. Are any musters held outdoors? Do RTC, CMO INT, Exec Strata, and Gold still hold any of their staff musters outdoors?

Gold in summer 96 still held musters on the road below Building 36, I saw numbers of times.

4. Is study still in the morning?

Was in 94-95.


1. How is the Berthing Building cycle coming along?

when I left the base in Jun or Jul 96, only the walls were starting to go up on one of the buidlings, and all the pads had been poured.

2. How does the RTC Building look? Did you get to work on it during Renos, or was it done by Gold construction and outside contractors only? Can you describe its location, using terms that someone previously at the base would understand (meaning describe it in relation to where BonnyView is/was; is it towards the mountains, up from the upper villas, for example)?

No data. But one of the persons in construction Gold who didn't do a good job on something related to the RTC Building ending up joining us on the Int RPF at Happy Valley.

3. How does the CMO INT building look? Where is the CMO INT Building now? Is it in the region where the old RTRC Building was? Are Exec Strata's offices in the CMO INT Building?

No data, this happened after I left the base in 96.

4. What is going on with the buildings over on the west end of the property: OGH, M&M House, the Horwich House, Carmen and Gary Weise's house, the swamp area, the trailers that used to hold deckees, the old "chicken coop" that got turned into the Bavarian style course room? Any data on those buildings?

No data. Left in 96

5. Do people still live offbase at the several different berthing apartment complexes, and are people divided up somewhat by orgs, meaning RTC staff living off base at the same complex, and CMOI and Exec Strata at another, and everyone else at another?

Up to the late 90's at least, and for sure if they haven't moved into the new berthing buildings yet.

6. What are the latest renovations on the base?

Castle, where all the set production and filming is now done is the only one I know about.


1. In your opinion, do you think David Miscavige is going to be the top exec until he dies? Is there anyone else there who even vaguely competes with him in status, effectiveness, or competence?

Yes. Only Greg Wilhere is the next most eligible person to hold the top post in my opinion.

2. Have you ever seen David Miscavige hit anyone physically (including spitting, pushing, grabbing them by their shirts, throwing in the pool, screaming right in their face, or similar)? Include the time and place on the base, and other people present. Has this practice lessened, and has he mellowed out in recent years?

Nope, Only read about it on the Internet after leaving the church, regarding Homer Schomer. I heard a rumor that a person was spit on by DM, and I read the LRH advice that related to this, but I do not doubt that it occured, since others have written similar things about DM. I heard another person was slammed up against a wall by DM, or pushed. And I heard another person was pushed and they tripped and fell over backwards. I read many instances of DM pummelling people. I also saw another junior to DM, beat on an INCOMM staff member, and since that person doing the beating walked and acted tough like DM, this lends credence to this physical abuse trend that was occurring.
An old timer from almost two decades upline told me DM did do this, but it was not a daily occurance. It didn't happen that often, and those getting the attacks basically screwed up and DM's physical attacks were his bad thing.
I've overheard in Del Sol on the top floor when CMO Int was still using it as office space, a training session of how to give a 'severe reality adjustment' (SRA Severe Reality Adjustment). This consisted of sceaming loudly some question or invalidative comment and slamming ones hand on a desktop loudly to punctuate one's SRA message. It was a sick administrative technique coming right from CMO Int, to a CMO Int staffer who was going out to do execute this little SRA routine on some hapless screwup lower echelon Sea Org member in LA or Flag. There was this deadly life threatening air that was developed by certain CMO messengers, the 'kickass' mentality and attitude, that was a prized characteristic if one possessed it. I was completely numb to this, it was as if I didn't see what I was seeing. I haven't mentioned this SRA drilling ever before, I haven't even thought about it. This whole mentality of impinging on someone else, and forcing them to confront what they were doing wrong on their posts, was a core characteristic to the mindset at Int, that persists to this day. It is a characteristic which I have not isolated to which particular writings of Hubbard are the ones responsible for keeping that attitude as a key tool that Int Execs have to possess as a necessity if they are to be successful. I don't think this SRA drilling is still done any longer. But I do not know. I saw it being done in the late 1980's in Del Sol.

3. At the time you left INT Base, had physical and screaming fits in general lessened? When was the last time you saw red-faced screaming and desk pounding irrational execs, etc.?

I don't know. I know it lessened in PAC. In my 7 years on the Int and PAC RPFs, at no time did the PAC RPF I/C of the Int RPF I/C lose their temper like the CMO Int missionaires could do back in the 80's. Worst case screaming exec was Jeff Walker. I never had seen Jeff get mad at Flag in the 70's at the FLB. It was not until I was in RTRC (Ron's Tech Research and Compilations Officer, Senior C/S Office, CMO Int), when I saw Jeff scream at the various RTRC staff one by one, for screwing up. I finally was the target for a mere two screamings, and my third screaming never came. I got RPFed as I harbored intentions of smashing Jeff in the head with my tape dispenser the next time he screamed at me, and the 3rd screaming never came. I went to the RPF.
If you possess evil purposes seriously, and are apt to whack someone, they PRF you on the spot, especially if you are going to whack one of the top execs who are doing the screaming. Jeff got RPFed himself about 6 weeks later, and then another 6 weeks later my RPFing got cancelled, rightfully so. Jeff never swung at anyone. But he sure levelled people with his screaming. I couldn't stand it, it was too much for me. No matter what the good things are about the Int Base, the comraderie, the tight production and high work ethic, the pride of working in such a well organized activity, getting screamed at like that, was unnerving for me. I'm glad he made it out of there though. Since once Jeff was busted, there was no future for him in the movement. It is better that they let people go. The whole experience, though, of going up to the top echelons, getting into abusive relationships, getting into these predicaments where unusually tense and irrational behavior erupts almost weekly and for sure monthly, blowups here and there in people's lives under the strain of the pressure of the working circumstances, the mindset to be 'kickass', and also the condoning of this warlike combativeness between staff (the Flag Order where LRH says an MAA is not to penalize either of two staff members who are fighting, but only bill the one who physically damages the other one), that type of 'freedom' that LRH allowed staff, in their daily encounters with each other, encourages and holds in place a violent undercurrent which I don't think you would expect to see at the top echelons of any religion in the world. That type of underlying violent combative spirit existed in the 80's and 90's (I observed it between two Gold staff in 96), and I am sure it persists today. That is just insane in my opinion to allow that and not organizationally develope saner inter-staff behavior minus the combative screaming and punching, etc.
That's why we have sports. If you were to take some blindfolded wogs and let them eavesdrop on RTRC office when Jeff Walker was screaming, there is no way they'd discern that RTRC was the office where Ron Hubbard's written works were compiled, edited and issued. I have no idea if this office screaming is still prevalent, and how prevalent it is at the Int Base.

4. Have you ever seen other execs in RTC, CMO INT, Gold, or other INT units, physically beat up on their staff in any way? When and who else was present?

Saw two gold staff, one big guy, one little guy, the little guy trying ti pick a fight with the big guy, and had I been the big guy, I would not have been able to withstand that harrassment the little guy was giving him, without reacting and trying to beat the little guy up. I had heard that that little guy used to like to pick fights, I don't know the truth of that, since I later heard that that little guy was actually a coward. A two decade long vet of the Int Base told me there were always fights in Gold over the years, and the Flag Order from LRH was the justification. The fights would stop short of medical bills, that was the self-imposed limit.

5. How are the following people doing: COB Asst (Shelly Miscavige), Greg Wilhere, Marty Rathbun, Ray Mitoff, Wendell Reynolds, ED INT (Guillaume Lesevre), Lyman Spurlock, Gary Weise?

No data. I was on the Int RPF in Jan 97, when Greg Wilhere came out to handle a flap that an incompetant RTC staffer had perpetrated on the Int RPF, and Greg smoothly handled that screwup. He looked good. I always liked Greg W.
Gary Weise I last saw, he came wandering out to the Int RPF site at Happy Valley one day, unauthorized, probably was his libs day or Sunday morning CSP, and he came to the ranch for some other reason. He looked like he was doing fine. Marty Rathbun came out to the Int RPF two times, first to regroup the RPF after the Int RPF Bosun blew one time. And the second time Marty came to brief us Int RPFers about Ray Mitoff, when Ray arrived to the RPF. Ray messed up on executing the Golden Age of Tech, is what I remembered. I liked Ray. Always have. No data on the others. My few moments with COB Asst, in 90 or 91 and later in 93, were fine. She is extremely attentive and sharp and sensitive. I got on totally fine, even though both times she was slightly on my case for something. I liked her. In 1983 and early 84 I had to get about 90 submissions approved by ED Int, and he liked to have me sit nearby as he looked at them. He was a brisk decisive, pushy, but I liked his manner. I never had trouble speaking what I had to say to him. My first wife had trouble with him, but I never did. He's stubborn and pushy, but I had no problem operating around him. He has been the one exec who has remained on post even longer than anyone at the Base, on such a high post. That is pretty remarkable.

6. How is Mark Ingber doing? How did he do after being RPFed in 2000?

He looked okay and gung ho when he arrived to do the RPF. And he didn't stay long, he got some auditing that revitalized him, and I think he got reprieved and returned to CMO Int by the end of 2000, I think that's what happened.

7. How is Norman Starkey doing? Is he working with Danny Sherman on the LRH Bio?

No data.

8. How are any other of the top RTC, CMOI, Exec Strata guys doing?

No data. I was on the Int RPF from 96 on, till I got out.

9. How is Gold doing? What upper org staff have been busted down from the upper orgs to Gold? Who is CO Gold?

I did see John Eastment driving the bus to take the Int RPFers from Happy Valley to the Castle for their sets making duties. No data, as I was out at Happy Valley.

10. Why did the Hodens (Ken and Lisa), the Epsteins (Jono and Leslie), and the Bennets (Jason and Susie) all get RPFed and sent down to the PAC RPF?

No data.

11. Are there any personnel changes that you know about in RTC, CMO INT, Exec Strata or Gold or CMO Gold or HU, or the other units, INT Finance Office, Snr C/S INT Office, INT Landlord Office, RTRC, TU, R Comps, PDU, that are notable?

One thing was that the Marketing person from ASI got comm eved out of ASI. That person then was busted to Gold, and within 6 weeks of being on post in Gold that person got things approved first time by COB. This fact was brought up by Norman Starkey against ASI staff, as a point that ASI staff were at fault for getting rid of a good staff member.
I later, when I caved in for screwing up at ASI, also decided never to go back to ASI. ASI had a lady exec who was a real insance screamer. I hated being screamed at. If someone does that, I just lose all agreements with whoever it is, if the screaming is irrational and the person is incorrectly and irrationally screaming. That is really why in the end I refused to stay at ASI, and made an effort to leave and not come back. I could not stand the screaming irrational hatred exhibited by the 2nd to the top exec at ASI, who I see now is no longer mentioned. Either that person got toasted themselves, or they got corrected.

12. Did you hear or observe what happened really, with Pat Broeker? Did he blow? Do you recall an issue written on him, saying what he did? Did DM do a base briefing on him, after he left? Any data on him?

No data. I heard that he blew though, from a former Int Base staffer who was there when he blew.

13. Is the food still excellent, and deserts incredible, and is Pinucio Tisi still in the bakery making yummy things to eat?

Was when I was on the Int RPF and we got all the baked bread and deserts at the Happy Valley RPF.


1. What were the biggest flaps that you observed in your years at the Base?

I heard it was the flood handling, that went on for a long time.
I was on the Int RPF when the Stacy Meyers tragedy occured.
One of the persons I was on the RPF on at the Happy Valley ranch made the monumental goof to accidentally start a fire, at the Int Base, no buildings were burned I don't believe. But it was a massive distraction and major brush fire.
People blowing or setting off the alarm like they were intruders jumping onto or off the property, I saw that one time, which was done by an ex-Security Guard who had been busted. He was pissed and wanted to piss off the other guards and RTC execs. He made his point. He later left the Sea Org. One of the Int RPFers, a guy who refused to do the RPF, then got talked into it, then didn't like the idea so he blew, that was a minor flap. About 6 people in all tried and 4 succeded in blowing from the Happy Valley RPF when I was on it from 96 till 2000.

2. Do you have any direct knowledge on the Stacy Moxon Meyer tragedy, her electrocution in the high voltage vault? Did she go into the vault as part of her job? Do you know the specific reason she went into the vault? If not, have you heard any rumors?

No data. Thought it was part of an all-hands reno team activitiy, I dubbed in or heard she was returning to the vault to pick up something she'd left earlier. But I heard a better story on the internet that she was trying to chase a squirrel out of the vault, since squirrels had been getting into the vaults and electrocuting themselves and shutting down the power on the base and COB was pissed about it. That is plausible, but I have NO directe data on it's actual truth.

3. After dark on May 17, 2000, a young woman named Ashlee Shaner was killed in an accident with a frontloader tractor being used by TaseCo, a subcontractor who was doing paving work inside the Base. The traffic collision report states that Golden Era staff had asked the construction workers to work late. Were you aware of this accident? Do you recall the work being done? Who would have been responsible for asking the workers to stay late? There were roadside memorials built for Ashlee Shaner, which were later destroyed. Do you have any knowledge of the memorials and why they were destroyed, or by whom?

NO data.

4. Were you aware of any picketers outside of the Base during your time there? Were you told anything about the picketers, who they were, why they were there, etc.? Were you sent to other areas to keep you from seeing or interacting with them? Were you curious about the picketers, or affected by their presence in any way?

Nope, in early 96 I didn't see any.

5. Is there anything over the years that you were at the Base, politics wise, that stands out? Expound upon the tension between any persons at the Base, grievances that certain staff had towards other staff, or any longstanding "grudges" held between people that stand out in your mind.

I need to come back and fill this one in later. This is an interesting subject. Because when I was being surveyed to see if I qualled for being promoted to CMO Int staff, I was asked if I was in bad with anyone. It was asked like it was a perfectly normal question. I was slightly taken aback, being the kind of person that I didn't think it wise to be in bad with anyone, and my career in the Sea Org I tried to maintain a social relationship with everyone. But the implication is that at Int, it is routine for certain people to NOT get along at all with certain other people, and like it was even expected to be a mentionable fact. I stayed away from that level of hidden animosity amongst staff.

6. Was there anyone you thought was "getting away with something"? Were there ongoing injustices, lack of funding, lack of strategic support for areas that you know should have been getting handled, but weren't, or musical chairing of personnel and resources that doomed ongoing projects? Were any people you liked and thought highly of treated in an unjust way?

Obviously there is a problem if the construction cycles like the berthing buildings, took almost 10 years now, to get done and occupied. No detailed data though.

7. Are there any personnel flaps, or Base flaps that stand out, in the years that you were at the base? Do any other dumb or funny flaps come to mind during the years you were there? Did anyone do any ridiculously stupid things that stand out in your years at the base?

No detailed data.


1. Are there any clothing fads or trends that COB or COB Asst or others started that spread around the base, like the Aveda shampoo and products that were a hit for a while?

Aveda shampoo definitely was in. Don't know if it still is

2. Is there currently exercise time? When were there times when exercise was in for most on the Base? Is the par course still used? Is almost everyone off smoking cigarettes now?

Was in 90 and 91, I took it. Was in 84, I took it then too.

3. Any exciting all Base outings?

I liked the 93-94 Christmas Big Bear outings.

4. Is the running program still going? Is there still a negative tint to persons doing it, either the person's themselves didn't think they needed it, or it has been ordered to be done on people who basically have screwed up?

No data. I wanted to do the program, and was oblivious to the connotation that one doing it was a screwup on their post. I wanted to do it because in sports I enjoyed the second wind phenomenon, and in general I loved running.

5. Is Superpower being delivered to any staff yet?

While on the RPF, in 1999 or 2000, at the Happy Valley Ranch, we had to make the small scale buildings, like a little city of these small scal buildings, for someone at the Int Base who was doing that step of the Superpower rundown, that was the rumor at the Int RPF at least.

6. What are the study orders most people are currently working on, and what have been the study order trends over the years you were there (like the STCC evolution, FPRD, etc.)

No recent data.

7. Is there still an ongoing program for the Base Staff Statuses, and the whole Base Executive Staff Statuses?

Was in 95.

8. How is the Team Share system going? Any gripes on it? Has it gone in and out, and to what degree?

Was in the 90s to some degree. I had my cards then, and it was not too big of a hassle. In the 80's I'd heard it dropped out at times.

9. Are Exec Strata Execs and CMO INT execs getting through the OEC and FEBC if they are not already on it?

No data.

10. How big is the Eval Corps and are evals still being all-handsed by other Exec Strata Execs and WDC Members?

No data

11. Are there any fads and trends that COB puts a halt to, with his characteristic methods (labels, photos, issues, or at the weekly staff briefings)?

At ASI, someone from RTC, not said, but I assumed it was from COB's office, meaning COB or COB Asst, sent us ASI staff a caricature of an ASI staff member, who was smiling and pretending innocence and pointing his fingers away from himself as to indicate he was NOT guilty and NOT responsible, the point being that ASI were at that moment not owning up to their goofs. It was just a minor admonishment, sort of a unique form of ethics gradient get the point across.

12. Is there any other INT Base exec being a serious opinion leader at the Base, or is it still mainly just COB?

No data.

13. Are there any little groups of execs going around doing bonehead things, trying to deal with something before it lands on COB's plate, but making a botch of it?

I heard that this happens over the years, but never experienced it myself.


1. Do you have any data on any big busts at INT Base?

No data. Just MY (Mark Yager), when he got busted in Jan 96, then RPFed later, and he graduated and is now back on post. Same with Ray Mitoff, RPFed and graduated and back on post, lated 90's, back on post by the 2000 event, where both Yager and Mitoff spoke.

2. Do you have any data on any big RPF assignments?

Above. Also when I was on the Int RPF, Mike sutter arrived. Don't remember the year. I think he graduated though by 1999, and I think he was twinned with Manuela Ruggeri, they both graduated. There were a whole bunch (10) RTC staff busted and doing the Int RPF. Proportionally quite a few RTC staff were RPFed. To me I thought that was correct. Just because of the snottiness I perceived exhibited by RTC, I liked seeing all the snotty RTC people brought down to size. But on the other hand, RPFing someone is a pretty drastic thing, and to me, if the best people in the Sea Org are selected to man the Int Base, there is no reason why ANY of them should be RPF bait.
But proportionately there were over a hundred Int RPFers, which is 1 in 7 people at the Int Base was on the RPF. that's way too many I think. This was late 1999.

3. Is the INT RPF still going on out at Happy Valley (Castille Canyon Ranch, or the "ranch")? Do you have any data on the size of the INT RPF?

Yes. I heard in 2002 it still was. I do not thing it will ever go out of existence now. They have the whole ranch to themselves. It is possible it has been downsized, keeping only the most qualified Int Base staffers at it, and demoting those unqualified for future Int Base staff status to the PAC RPF and for routing the deadwood personnel out of the Int Base crew. But in the opinion of one ex Int Base staffer the Int RPF will still be there. It never actually ceased altogether, over the time that person was there.


1. What did you like most about your years at INT Base?

The food was great. The events, parties were great. I loved the community, when you first go there it is a privilege to get okay to go there, and the first couple days you are on cloud nine. The people in general are bright and shiny and happy, acting the characteristic uptone, and generally appearance wise they look like the smiling happy faces in the What Is Scn book and the Scn Handbook, because those faces on most of the pages are from the people at the Int Base.

2. How long were you at INT Base?

covered above. 2 years total spread over 11 years.

3. Were you ever RPFed? If so, why, and please describe your experience.

Yes, Happy Valley RPF from 96 till Nov 2000
I loved it. I love outdoors working on the farm. Loved working in the fields, hot sun, no shirt, sprinkler system, mountains were beautiful, hated the captivity, and I never left the ranch in over 4 years, but I loved the work, the food, the people, all sorts of wildlife, coyotes, mountan lions, deer, rattle snakes, we build endless number of big and small buildings, chicken coops, turkey pens, pig pens, storage buildings, farm produce building, tractor building, storage sheds, several huge movie set construction buildings to protect and build movie sets inside. We built a damn, about a 180 foot long damn, over 10 feet high, and it took months, this was during that big rainy year in California in 97 I think. I loved working on that farm.
I was RPFed from ASI for being completely secretly disaffected and thinking I would someday for real, turn into an enemy of the church, like I have now. I knew once I revealed my thoughts about this area, my life at the top was over. Once you admit you have been having fantasies about being a critic of the church, and if you were working in ASI which was the org where Vaughn and Stacy and earlier it is the unit that Gerry Armstrong would have worked in had it been formed then, well if you are ASI and you finally own up that you think you are going to turn into the next Vaughn Young, there is only one place for you, if you are a good Sea Org member, and that is the RPF.

4. Why did you leave INT Base?

Because I was a temp missionaire, later I got busted, last time I left I got RPFed.

5. Are there any questions you think of that should be added to this list so that others who have been at the Base can provide us with additional data that outsiders and ex-staff might be interested in knowing about?

No. THis is unbleievably long!!!

6. Do you have any additional comments?

Yes, break this down into parts. Like make this whole thing into a about a 10 part questionaire, so a person can fill out only one thing, and go away from the computer. I have sat here for hours and hours, like 4 hours filling this out.

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