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Name or Alias: Smerf
Training and/or processing level: OT IV
Locations before INT Base: Los Angeles
Time period at INT Base: 1977-1986 (less one year)


1. What in your opinion are the most interesting or biggest projects and strategies being worked on at the Base that are NOT known outside the Base during any time period?

The majority of money in 'Reserves' held by individual Scientology organisations at that time was stolen by the Church of Scientology International but they hid this fact for years so the graphs were all false.

2. Is there any news about things that are common knowledge at the Base, but completely unknown outside, in your opinion?

I don't have new news.


1. Are the weekly all base briefings by COB still held Saturday nights around 9pm, in MCI? Do any noteworthy briefings stand out in your mind?

No idea

2. Are Sea Org ceremonies still held at the Base, outdoors? Are there any troubles holding events outdoors any longer, and why is that?

No idea

3. Are any musters held outdoors? Do RTC, CMO INT, Exec Strata, and Gold still hold any of their staff musters outdoors?

No idea

4. Is study still in the morning?

No idea


1. How is the Berthing Building cycle coming along?

I haven't been there since 1986.

2. How does the RTC Building look? Did you get to work on it during Renos, or was it done by Gold construction and outside contractors only? Can you describe its location, using terms that someone previously at the base would understand (meaning describe it in relation to where BonnyView is/was; is it towards the mountains, up from the upper villas, for example)?

Never went to Gold or RTC.

3. How does the CMO INT building look? Where is the CMO INT Building now? Is it in the region where the old RTRC Building was? Are Exec Strata's offices in the CMO INT Building?

No idea

4. What is going on with the buildings over on the west end of the property: OGH, M&M House, the Horwich House, Carmen and Gary Weise's house, the swamp area, the trailers that used to hold deckees, the old "chicken coop" that got turned into the Bavarian style course room? Any data on those buildings?

no idea

5. Do people still live offbase at the several different berthing apartment complexes, and are people divided up somewhat by orgs, meaning RTC staff living off base at the same complex, and CMOI and Exec Strata at another, and everyone else at another?

No idea. The off-base living thing started in PAC to try to improve conditions, because the service org staff had no where to live in PAC because there were SOOO many important senior executives from CMO and RTC and WDC and Exec Strata and the GO and wherever else who had priority that moved in there and took over their berthing spaces. I never understood why they didn't count all these administrative organisations in the 1:2 tech admin ratio. I suppose those orgs got around that by counting their internal tech people as 'tech', but they were all admin, just more people to tell everyone else what to do. Really topheavy organisation back then with too many chiefs and not enough indians.

6. What are the latest renovations on the base?

no idea


1. In your opinion, do you think David Miscavige is going to be the top exec until he dies? Is there anyone else there who even vaguely competes with him in status, effectiveness, or competence?

Is he still around?

2. Have you ever seen David Miscavige hit anyone physically (including spitting, pushing, grabbing them by their shirts, throwing in the pool, screaming right in their face, or similar)? Include the time and place on the base, and other people present. Has this practice lessened, and has he mellowed out in recent years?

Everyone at PAC hated David Miscaviage. But we didn't see him much, fortunately.

3. At the time you left INT Base, had physical and screaming fits in general lessened? When was the last time you saw red-faced screaming and desk pounding irrational execs, etc.?

I wasn't at INT base. I was at PAC.

4. Have you ever seen other execs in RTC, CMO INT, Gold, or other INT units, physically beat up on their staff in any way? When and who else was present?

I have seen many abuses on the PAC RPF.

5. How are the following people doing: COB Asst (Shelly Miscavige), Greg Wilhere, Marty Rathbun, Ray Mitoff, Wendell Reynolds, ED INT (Guillaume Lesevre), Lyman Spurlock, Gary Weise?

I didn't know those people very well. I was at PAC. Guillaume was the best ED INT of many, though, and actually a nice guy who tried to fix many things and improved general staff conditions while I was there. I liked him. The one before him was good though, too, though not as calm. Guillaume was/(is?) a good guy. Don't know the others personally.

6. How is Mark Ingber doing? How did he do after being RPFed in 2000?

no idea

7. How is Norman Starkey doing? Is he working with Danny Sherman on the LRH Bio?

no idea

8. How are any other of the top RTC, CMOI, Exec Strata guys doing?

no idea

9. How is Gold doing? What upper org staff have been busted down from the upper orgs to Gold? Who is CO Gold?

no idea

10. Why did the Hodens (Ken and Lisa), the Epsteins (Jono and Leslie), and the Bennets (Jason and Susie) all get RPFed and sent down to the PAC RPF?

OH! That one I can answer!! When we had the event to brief everyone that LRH had died, Ken Holden told the entire group (all of the L.A. Scientologists) stories about the last few years he had been together with LRH. He told us that LRH had been sick for the last few years and the CMO got very upset that he said that, as apparently there were a lot of policies and revisions and tech breakthroughs that had been issued as written by LRH in that time period and this statement clearly proved LRH had not written them. Ken Holden was an icon and opinion leader and many looked up to him. The CMO didn't want anyone to know LRH had been sick and resented the way everyone liked and looked up to Ken Holden. Ken Holden was one of the last people to be with LRH in his last few years. Ken was immediately RPFed for that. Leslie Epstein was RPFed after being C/O AOLA. Every C/O at AOLA was RPFed and replaced until Ivan Obolensky. What happened to him? Anyone heard from him? Didn't know the Bennetts.

11. Are there any personnel changes that you know about in RTC, CMO INT, Exec Strata or Gold or CMO Gold or HU, or the other units, INT Finance Office, Snr C/S INT Office, INT Landlord Office, RTRC, TU, R Comps, PDU, that are notable?

Don't know

12. Did you hear or observe what happened really, with Pat Broeker? Did he blow? Do you recall an issue written on him, saying what he did? Did DM do a base briefing on him, after he left? Any data on him?

no idea

13. Is the food still excellent, and deserts incredible, and is Pinucio Tisi still in the bakery making yummy things to eat?

Is this a trick question? The only time the food was good was in 1977, when the cooks came over from AOLA and ASHO. But nearly all of them left after that and then it was crap. We went some 3-4 months eating just beans and rice, too.


1. What were the biggest flaps that you observed in your years at the Base?

Where to start? The murder of an RPF woman by her (blown) RPF husband right on Berendo Street in front of the C of S in I think, 1977. When the serial murderer Michael Shay got woken up in the middle of the night and arrested in his bunk because he was wanted by three different State Police but lent his car that weekend to another SO member who had driven it out of state and that's how he got caught. He had been the Dir of Comm of AOLA and passed all sec checks, for goodness sake, and walked around with a cross on his neck pretending to be very religious. How about when they decided to recruit 'raw meat' and recruiters at LA Org were going down to the soup lines and picking up new SO members there (ha ha). The worst though, was how horrible the children were treated. They were left in their cribs all day, never going outside, only getting out in the main room for a few hours a day. It made me cry. And there was a child who nearly died because the MLO would only allow him to eat banana formula and LRH's baby formula. She threw out the antibiotics the nanny had stood in line to get him at a clinic. They also had a pervert on staff there for a while - dropped all requirements just to get SOMEone to care for the kids. They used to have drills to hide the children and have people pretend to be nannies when the health department would come to inspect, which was about once a week.

2. Do you have any direct knowledge on the Stacy Moxon Meyer tragedy, her electrocution in the high voltage vault? Did she go into the vault as part of her job? Do you know the specific reason she went into the vault? If not, have you heard any rumors?

Sorry, don't know.

3. After dark on May 17, 2000, a young woman named Ashlee Shaner was killed in an accident with a frontloader tractor being used by TaseCo, a subcontractor who was doing paving work inside the Base. The traffic collision report states that Golden Era staff had asked the construction workers to work late. Were you aware of this accident? Do you recall the work being done? Who would have been responsible for asking the workers to stay late? There were roadside memorials built for Ashlee Shaner, which were later destroyed. Do you have any knowledge of the memorials and why they were destroyed, or by whom?

No info, sorry

4. Were you aware of any picketers outside of the Base during your time there? Were you told anything about the picketers, who they were, why they were there, etc.? Were you sent to other areas to keep you from seeing or interacting with them? Were you curious about the picketers, or affected by their presence in any way?

Yes, I saw them and yes, it bothered me but no, I had no idea really why they were there.

5. Is there anything over the years that you were at the Base, politics wise, that stands out? Expound upon the tension between any persons at the Base, grievances that certain staff had towards other staff, or any longstanding "grudges" held between people that stand out in your mind.

Ivan Obolensky had a hard time standing up to the CMO and Guardian's Office. I knew Arthur Hubbard very well and he was really tortured on the RPF, but he was a toughie and stood up well to it.

6. Was there anyone you thought was "getting away with something"? Were there ongoing injustices, lack of funding, lack of strategic support for areas that you know should have been getting handled, but weren't, or musical chairing of personnel and resources that doomed ongoing projects? Were any people you liked and thought highly of treated in an unjust way?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, but where do you start? Too much to write in just a survey and so much of it was so painful, I hate remembering it.

7. Are there any personnel flaps, or Base flaps that stand out, in the years that you were at the base? Do any other dumb or funny flaps come to mind during the years you were there? Did anyone do any ridiculously stupid things that stand out in your years at the base?

Yes, but you know, none of it is very funny in retrospect. I'm sorry, but I really regret wasting so much of my life there.


1. Are there any clothing fads or trends that COB or COB Asst or others started that spread around the base, like the Aveda shampoo and products that were a hit for a while?

Who's COB?

2. Is there currently exercise time? When were there times when exercise was in for most on the Base? Is the par course still used? Is almost everyone off smoking cigarettes now?

no idea

3. Any exciting all Base outings?

no idea

4. Is the running program still going? Is there still a negative tint to persons doing it, either the person's themselves didn't think they needed it, or it has been ordered to be done on people who basically have screwed up?

You know the running program was really just started as a punishment. It was piloted on the RPF back then and really made people sick. I can't believe they made it 'tech'. Especially when LRH was too sick to be developing or writing anything before then. What a bunch of BS.

5. Is Superpower being delivered to any staff yet?

I think that word was cancelled in the 80's.

6. What are the study orders most people are currently working on, and what have been the study order trends over the years you were there (like the STCC evolution, FPRD, etc.)

I liked FPRD, actually. It was kind of fun. Had heaps of it on the RPF. Only problem was when you were done, they still kept going anyway and then it was terribly abusive. Would make anyone nuts.

7. Is there still an ongoing program for the Base Staff Statuses, and the whole Base Executive Staff Statuses?

no idea

8. How is the Team Share system going? Any gripes on it? Has it gone in and out, and to what degree?

don't know what that is

9. Are Exec Strata Execs and CMO INT execs getting through the OEC and FEBC if they are not already on it?

I'm sure it's still required

10. How big is the Eval Corps and are evals still being all-handsed by other Exec Strata Execs and WDC Members?

Is WDC still around?

11. Are there any fads and trends that COB puts a halt to, with his characteristic methods (labels, photos, issues, or at the weekly staff briefings)?

no idea

12. Is there any other INT Base exec being a serious opinion leader at the Base, or is it still mainly just COB?

no idea

13. Are there any little groups of execs going around doing bonehead things, trying to deal with something before it lands on COB's plate, but making a botch of it?

no idea


1. Do you have any data on any big busts at INT Base?

no idea of recent events

2. Do you have any data on any big RPF assignments?

Do they still send people there? Even knowing that the original Base Orders stated it was for criminals? Because when they had ships, they had lots of hard core tough murdering types trying to join and that was the reason for it. I don't know why someone hasn't just stopped the RPF as being off policy. With no ships, there was no need for it.

3. Is the INT RPF still going on out at Happy Valley (Castille Canyon Ranch, or the "ranch")? Do you have any data on the size of the INT RPF?

no idea


1. What did you like most about your years at INT Base?

I was at PAC, not INT BASE. Getting to know some spectacular people like Ivan Obolensky, Pat and Michael Silverman, David Horwedel, Maggie who worked on Advance Mag, Wanda Madias, Harold and Nicole Simms and so, so many other spectacular individuals who had tremendous integrity and caring.

2. How long were you at INT Base?

Never went.

3. Were you ever RPFed? If so, why, and please describe your experience.

Yes. For having sex when I wasn't married, and once I volunteered to be safe from Michael Shay, the serial murderer who had threatened me but no one believed me until the police picked him up in his dorm. That was the most evil man I had ever met. The RPF was like a terrible prison. I hated it. Who didn't? Exciting times back then!

4. Why did you leave INT Base?


5. Are there any questions you think of that should be added to this list so that others who have been at the Base can provide us with additional data that outsiders and ex-staff might be interested in knowing about?

Why don't you ask about PAC and the other bases around the world? Why just INT?

6. Do you have any additional comments?

I miss a lot of my old friends from there and wish they would contact me somehow. I am not trying to make war or stir up Scientology, but I really think it needs to get re-vamped, and what I went through for 9 years was so horrible, my only consolation for it is that I did a lot of effective things to improve conditions. I really hope it is better now and lots of others did the same. Scientology attracts some wonderful people. Duncan, please contact me.

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