Scientology - Through the Door


Thursday, 23rd January, 2003 07:28:09am

Name or Alias: Lawrence Toomajan
Training and/or processing level: HAS, SSO
Org or location: NY FDN, Flag
Time involved in the Church of Scientology: 1976-1986
Recommended Website - N/A
1. How did you first become acquainted with the Church of Scientology?
I read Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard.

2. What initially appealed to you about scientology?
Auditing the reactive mind.

3. Were there problems in your life that you thought scientology would address?

4. Did you see, experience, or hear about things that didn't seem right while you were in the Church of Scientology? What were they, and what convinced you to set aside your feelings?

5. Why did you choose to stay in the Church of Scientology?
I wanted to know the data of the OT sections.

6. Were you staff or public? If staff, was it at a mission or an org? Were you ever in the Sea Org or OSA? Which unit? If not on staff, did you ever volunteer to 'help out'?
Public and staff, and for a short time in the SO.

7. Why did you leave the Church of Scientology? Was there a "final straw"?
My name is Lawrence Toomajan. Here is some useful insight into the Church of Scientology. I am not a Scientologist.

In 1975, I was a 16 year old New Jersey high school sophomore. I found a copy of the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, by L. Ron Hubbard, in a box in the basement of my parent's home where I lived. I read the whole book and understood it.

So, I wrote to the Church of Scientology (a.k.a. Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation) for more information. I was written back within one week. I phoned the church, and was invited to come in. I went there instead of going to school one morning.

During my visit, I met Debbie Kagan, a registrar. We talked and I was given some written tests to take and a metered interview and then given a technical estimate of how much auditing or counselling I needed to become a happier person.

The technical estimate said I needed 285 hours of Dianetics and Scientology auditing. 25 Hours of auditing at that time, was about $2,500.00. I had not told my parents about Dianetics yet, so I thought I should and went home with the technical estimate given me.

I told my parents about Dianetics and Scientology, and asked if I could get some auditing delivered by a church trained auditor. They wanted to speak to the church about it, so my father drove us there and we spoke to several staff one afternoon. Getting auditing and training as an auditor, as well as available church jobs were discussed. We could not afford the prices being asked for the auditing or training so, I agreed to come back when I was 18 (the legal adult age) and start fresh.

The next week Debbie Kagan, the registrar, suddenly came to our house unannounced, and uninvited, and stayed for almost 2 hours. She claimed auditing had improved her life. She put $10.00 of her own money, (so she said) into an account under my name at the church for me, to guarantee a place for me on course. I went back with $10.00 and repaid her the following week and started the Communications Course.

I was taken off the course by Sally Allerdice, a church chaplain. I was not of legal age to do the course on my own and so I was told to report directly back to her when I was, if I had no adult to accompany me there in the meantime. She would issue an OK to go back to course at that time.

I finished school and turned 18 in 1977 and I went back to see Sally Allerdice and get back on course. She was not there that day.

I saw Cathy MacMurray and Susan Davis instead, who were other church staff when I came back. They were a Registrar and a Treasurer respectively. I specifically told them that I was there to see Sally Allerdice. Cathy and Susan worked for a different branch of the church called the Foundation (FDN) and Sally worked for a branch of the church called the Day Organization (D). These are fiscally separate staff and a fact never actually revealed to me by any of these three parties.

Susan Davis instead of sending me back to Sally, stole my NY D account, from Debbie Kagan's church files. She 'transferred' my account to the NY FDN accounts files as her own new paid customer walk in sign up, for which she was due no credit. I was taken back to course by Cathy MacMurray to restart.

I received the Upstat Student of the Week award after a few weeks and was offered a job on staff with the NY FDN. I did Staff Status 0 training course and started the Student Hat Course and began working in HCO (Hubbard Communications Office) as an expediter. Bob Cucarullo was the senior of that department at the time.

The HCO office had a large window in it, visible from most other buildings on the block. The window was draped with a huge oversized replica of a U.S. Confederate flag. It was very 'druggie' looking and covered the window through the course of my 'employment' there, which lasted several months.

One evening I got 'auditing' by Bob Cucarullo in HCO. I was having a hard time recalling a certain experience from my past. During the 'session', my eyes opened suddenly. Bob Cucarullo was seated in front of me, with an expression of horror on his face. He is a quack auditor and had years of experience. I was left with an emotional scar from this experience.

In the summer of 2001, I saw Bob Cucarullo by chance, crossing the same intersection I was crossing in NYC. We saw each other and spoke. He stated that he has 'not been active in Scientology for over 20 years, since around the time he met me'.

I was offered a second job during the daytime, at a Scientologist owned and operated company called, Livingcraft that manufactured pillows. A NY FDN staff member, and admitted former heroin addict, named Frank Tiernan already worked there and offered me a job. One of the owners of Livingcraft, was Raymond Biardi, also a former drug user, and also the Executive Director of the NY FDN. He co-owned the company with a man named Marcel Femine, who was a NY FDN student but not staff. There were no health or medical benefits that came with the job, no overtime pay, no bonuses or incentives, and employment taxes were not taken out of anyone's paychecks. I did not like the illegal work environment. I told Raymond Biardi that I was going to get a new job and that I was not happy there.

One weekend at the church, I was introduced to NY FDN student Susan Cox who lived about 2 miles from my house. She told me she smokes marijuana and studies Scientology at the same time. She offered to drop me off at my house on her way home with her male friend who was also a student after work that day.

I got a new job during the daytime at another Scientologist owned company 3 blocks away called Loftcraft that manufactured bedding and bedroom furniture. Loftcraft was looking to fill a position of a leaving staff member. I heard about the job from the leaving staff member who was also a NY FDN staff member named Margaret Isaiff and was hired as her replacement.

Both of these companies are now defunct, but information can still be gotten about them.

My Loftcraft supervisor, Marcia Valente Cruz, told me about employees who were cool and ones who were not cool on Scientology during my orientation. I was not allowed to speak to uncool ones freely. This was a policy at the church as well, because several people had come to the church that were public, to complain about their services, and were given a very hard time by staff at the church. When I asked innocently of other staff who are those people and what are they complaining about, I was told to ignore them, that they are 'fucking assholes.'

Loftcraft was owned by Randolph Parsons, a NY FDN student, and controlled by his wife Isabelle Szuldiner Falcaro Parsons, a NY FDN auditor. Loftcraft was co-owned by George Goodrich, who was a Scientologist with his wife Dina. The company deducted employment taxes from my check and was a little improvement, so I worked there during the day and trained and worked at the church evenings.

One morning Isabelle fired me without warning, 'for not being fit for the job' after 2 months of nothing but punctual attendance and good reports. Prior to firing me, she sent me to the DMV to register her car. I was given all the necessary papers but no money to register the car and no subway fare. I was denied permission by the DMV clerk when I asked to register the car. The clerk told me, to tell Isabelle, she had to come in herself, because her signature was needed in person to register the car, it had nothing to do with money. I did not own my own car at that time and commuted and so was 'not familiar' with these things, as a test.

Loftcraft was cited by the City of New York for 65 active building code violations, during my employment there. I read the company's response to the city inspectors. The city informed Randolph Parsons, of a surprise inspection, to verify the violations were being corrected and offer any assistance needed to get them corrected. Before the inspectors arrived, I was ordered to remove from the buildings walls, desktops and other visible areas, all Dianetics and Scientology materials and references of any kind. Many people's job applications were rejected even when the people had proper degrees and training that Loftcraft needed. The jobs were given instead to church staff that had no real skills, but as a reward for being a Scientologist in good standing. Isabelle and her husband did not want the city accusing them of job discrimination as well.

I picked up my final pay from Loftcraft the following week. I went to the church that evening and while I was on course, I was sent to Nancy Levin, by Bob Cucarullo. Nancy Levin, was one of Loftcraft's veteran employees. She and Bob took me into a private office and told me that, I was undesirable staff, which would require me to petition the church for permission to continue becoming a Scientologist.

Bob and Nancy briefed me on how to write up a petition, what to write and to who to send it to. After they reviewed my petition and gave it an OK, I placed it in the IN basket of the NY Guardians Office of the Church. Bob Cucarullo was immediately hired by Isabelle as my replacement at Loftcraft.

Raymond Biardi transferred me to the Dianetics Center on 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village.

The 6th Avenue Center closed around 1982. I worked there for David Simon and George Chelekis, who were seldom there. I wrote letters to major bookstores, answered and returned phone calls, sent out church literature, handed out church literature, urged stores and people to purchase Dianetics books, typed and ran errands, sent telexes, bought postage for the center, and did 'special projects', requiring some training. 2 months later I still had not gotten a response from the Guardians Office on my petition. I went to the chruch every night to check if my petition had been picked up yet, by looking into the basket where I had left it. At first, I noticed more and more documents being piled on top of it each day. One evening I looked for it and it was not there.

During one of my visits to the Guardians Office (GO), to check on my petition, I was asked by Debbie Ward and Susan Becher to work for the GO. Debbie Kagan had married Pat Ward, a GO staff member, and was now working with her husband as Debbie Ward, and Susan Becher was married to Wes Becher both GO staff. They needed someone part time so I signed a $10,000.00 bond as an employment contract. It stated that if I reveal the activities of the GO or my own work, to anyone outside the GO, that I will be obligated to pay the GO $10,000.00, which they could in turn use any means available to them to collect. Susan Becher and Debbie Ward signed as witnesses.

I typed into documents for the GO, hours of secretly recorded telephone conversations between GO staff, and NYC and NY state government officials, as well as executive persons from other religious groups. I wore headphones to prevent others from hearing what I was typing. These recorded people were interviewed making statements that Scientology is not qualified to operate the facilities it is asking for licenses to open. Narconon and Applied Scholastics are two of these facilities.

The GO 'authorized' people to call, write, visit, and sent me, for example, on projects to, from and regarding, the offices and residences of these 'outspoken' people. The people would be badgered, bullied, confused or intimidated into issuing licenses to open Narconon for example, one way or another.

The GO for example, announced that the French based police organization Interpol, had been infiltrated by the GO, and discovered to be a drug smuggling ring not a police organization. Raymond Biardi delivered this message to all the staff one afternoon at a meeting, with several members of the GO present with him in the room. Aside from his announcement, I never ever heard anything else about it again, ever, from anyone anywhere outside the church. It was not on TV or in the newspapers. Information such as this would be used by the GO to blackmail people.

The F.B. I. raided several churches of Scientology around the country in the early morning and confiscated books, records and materials around this time. Several staff of these churches were arrested and jailed.

The GO organized a protest, involving busloads of Scientologists (over 250), who traveled from NYC to Washington D.C. A protest was carried out on the sidewalks surrounding the F.B.I. building in response to the recent church raids. The event was televised on national TV. The trip was co-paid by wealthy Howard and Mary Rower, two church franchise holders, at whose center on 6th Avenue I worked part time.

I would be sent into the church Academy by senior church staff, when there was no one in the GO at night to supervise me.

I was assigned to 'word clear' academy students.

I have never been trained and interned as a word clearer, helping students to clear up misunderstood words on materials they are reading. I was asked to word clear public anyway. The materials I word cleared people on, were levels above my own training level and were also materials that I had not read prior.

Customers come into the church and buy auditor training courses and auditing at professional rates. The ones who buy training would be 'word cleared' by me, to get them through their training faster, so they could be put onto an internship for that level, graduate and begin their next level of training at a new cost to them. Internship requirements were met on the other customers, who came in and bought auditing at professional rates. These peoples auditing was delivered to them by these quack interns. The church made money, looked productive, and the whole time, the public was kept ignorant about what was really going on in their lives with their money. This is how most of the church staff qualify for the eventual free auditing and training that comes with their jobs. Auditing is expensive and is usually $8,000.00 or more minimum for a mere 12 1/2 hours or roughly 2 days of auditing.

I was removed from staff and from training by Bob Cucarullo and told my petition must be redone. I never heard back on my original petition from the GO and was instructed to petition a higher GO officer and/or LRH (L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Dianetics and Scientology) instead.

Most people are given a bill when they are released from staff for the total amount of free auditing and training they received with their jobs called a Freeloaders debt. It is much like a court summons as far as progress in Scientology is concerned, you may not continue until it is paid back. Because I was not permanently posted in the church yet, this was not applicable to me.

During the time I was 'employed' at the FDN church, I was paid about $4.00 per week. My hours were from 6 P.M. to 10:30 P.M. M-F, and from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. S-S. During that time, I saw Sally Allerdice almost every day, and spoke to her all the time. She never once asked me why I had not come back to see her as she had requested.

I got a job instead outside the church with a NYC fashion designer who was not affiliated with the church either, and ceased going to the church and the mission center.

I sent a new petition to LRH and did not hear back after 1 month, so I wrote LRH asking him why he had not responded yet. I asked that he send his response to me at my home address instead of the church, because I was not any longer at the church.

I heard back from LRH within 14 days. He stated, that he already approved my petition and sent it back to me, at the church I was at. He sent a copy of the missing letter, containing the approved petition, stating it was a copy of the original letter he sent me, in case I had still not received it yet. He told me to make the most of this good news and said good luck.

I was never able to agree that this petition was the correct thing for me to be doing, in the first place. The church staff were unable and/or not allowed to agree with me on this.

I was completely unaware that LRH had written to me earlier, with an approved petition, because I never got it.

I later discovered that the original LRH and GO petitions I had submitted, were intercepted and stolen at the church while either on their way to their destinations or on their way back. A particular NY FDN staff member responsible for these thefts, had also come up with plans for the information in these documents, behind my back, so to speak, as a solution to his problems.

Around this time I was asked to join another Scientology church in Florida and contacted by another one in California. The California church wanted me to come to Los Angeles where they were located, and do the Hubbard Personal Ethics and Integrity Course with them. I paid for the course and went to L.A. to do it.

After arriving in L.A. I was confused into joining the Flag Operations Liaision Office Church of Scientology there, instead of doing the course I had paid for.

I was placed in the Flag Readiness Unit for preparation to be exported to Florida. This was a barely subsistent place. I worked and was fed at the main church complex on Fountain Avenue in Hollywood, and sometimes driven by car to work sites, such as Celebrity Center Church of Scientology of L.A.

I slept several to a room, with other church men in a rundown hotel called the Hollywood Inn on Hollywood Boulevard. We carpooled each day to the main complex.

The food served in the church was rationed, unhealthful and not in sufficient enough amounts to nourish anyone. I bought most of my meals outside the church locally with my own money, not with church pay. A restaurant named Georges New York was located across the street from the church. It was owned by George and Dina Goodrich, and Randy and Isabelle Parsons were guests there almost every day.

I received an interview to begin, and started receiving Dianetics auditing at the church with my job.

For the more than one month I was there I was not paid anything. I had to buy my own uniform which I was required to wear, and assigned labor type duties.

I was once ordered to mop the floor of a church office. There was no money for detergent, so I tried to use just water and the floor would not come clean. The boss, Grace Brown said, when I asked her 'What should I clean the floor with?' to 'Try warm water.' Meanwhile, her boss started complaining that the floor was still dirty.

I got one day off every 13 days by request.

Grace finally states that I am to be hired as a full time auditor trainee.

I was told to go next door to the other church where I had paid for the course and buy instead a full set of auditor reference volumes and an auditing meter. So, I went next door and bought the books and the meter.

I did not need to show any ID to use the money on my account to buy these things. The bookstore officer pretended he knew who I was and anyone could have gone there and said they were me and got hundreds of dollars in free merchandise and walked out the door.

Church policy, U.S. and international law says, that E-Meter sales are restricted to Scientologists only, who are, ordained ministers of the church and enrolled students training on church courses that require an E Meter. I am not now, nor have I ever been, qualified in this way to own an E-Meter. That church bookstore officer broke the law with my money right to my face!

The lack of pay is what actually prompted me to leave. One evening I went roller skating in Hollywood instead of showing up for a staff muster. The next day, when I came back, I was not allowed to enter the church and was told that because I had gone roller skating without authorization that I was released from my job and required to vacate the Hollywood Inn.

As I was packing, I realized the books I bought were too big to bring home in my luggage. So, I donated them to church staff. I slept in the Hollywood Inn 'without permission', for 2 days, while waiting for money from home and left as soon as it came. I brought the E Meter home and showed it to my family as proof. I never heard from that church again, except for when my auditing folder was mailed to me about 2 weeks after I arrived home from L.A. With it were instructions to give it to the Cathy MacMurray at the church in NY.

After dropping the folder off with Cathy I went to see a representative of the main church called the Flag church in Clearwater, Florida.

This representative or Flag Service Consultant, was named Kitty Kahn. I explained my situation to her and said that I thought Flag services were for me. She would not offer to open an account for me (even though the church aceepts ANY size donation from anyone), and could not give me any information about Flag services to take with me to read. There was no one else in NYC who I could give money to open a Flag account to. There was a more than one year time lag between the time I saw her and finally opened my eyes and questioned Flag for myself about how to open an account. I was unaware how this woman had just denied me service unjustly. I eventually had to open an account by sending money to Flag secretly in the mail without her knowing anything about it, and originated the whole activity myself. My Flag account statement clearly shows that this is the truth.

There was an event at the church in NY later that year. People who had received auditing at Flag and come back, were talking publicly about the gains they experienced from their auditing there. I was invited and went.

Howard Rower was a guest speaker at the event and an ordained church minister. About 1 year after this event, Howard was thrown out of the church. I was friends with Howard and his wife Mary since working at their center on 6th Avenue.
Howard lost the center as a result of being thrown out of the church.

Kitty Kahn was the events emcee. She walked onto the stage of the auditorium, filled with about 500 standing room only guests, and began to do a confession of her crimes to the audience.

She explained in detail a crime she became guilty of while in Australia, where she was sent by the church with her lady friend Jody Marshall, on a special project. Jody Marshall was also present that evening. Kitty concluded her confession to the audience, by informing us who all should have known about this besides us. She then stated what her imrovement from doing this was.

Kitty introduced future excommunicated member, Howard Rower as the 'funniest man on the planet' to the audience. She described 'heartwarming experiences' she had with him while selling him Flag services, and then he spoke. Afterwards Kitty did a questions and answers with the audience about Flag and LRH and her answers were very un-educational.

Before the show, one of the other speakers Amanda Ambrose, a singer and now an acquaintance, asked me to help set up the stage for her performance which was to be part of the event. I said OK.

Amanda asked me backstage after her performance to thank me personally for helping her. As we were talking, Kitty Kahn came backstage, and burst out laughing about me in my face while I was talking to Amanda and told Amanda that I was a joke.

After returning from L.A., I lost my position in N.Y.C. with the designer. I was unable to explain to my bosses satisfaction what it was about Scientology that should cause me to leave my job and then come back. The import office I was being trained to take over, was closed. About 1 year later my boss moved to New Haven, CT with a wealthy new spouse. The two of us after being very dear friends, have not spoken to one another since. That job was worth over $125,000.00 a year. When I left L.A., I still had about $10.00 left in my account at the church. So I gave up the idea of working in NYC and saving for my own auditing and training while still living at home with my family at just 18 years old. Thanks to the Church of Scientology.

In the fall of 1979, I received a letter from the NY church chaplain, asking me to come in for an interview, to discuss my departure. I was interviewed by 7 different 'chaplains' over a period of 8 weeks, each one with his or her own individual perception of my situation. One of these people Anna Balash, stuck around to help me out. I am told I must confess my crimes on Scientology and I am offered 'Amnesty' instead of punishment.

I came in each weekend for several weeks and wrote up hidden crimes in my life. I have no hidden crimes on Scientology so I wrote up things I did around my house between the ages of 5 and 17. Example: accidentally breaking my fathers record player and not telling him. That was all there was to tell.

After attesting that I was free of hidden crimes Anna Balash called me into her office in 'special cycle'.

She stated, in her findings on me, that I: (at 19 years of age)

1. Was a member of the Church of Satan in San Francisco, CA, which is at least 5,000 miles from my house.
2. Had attempted suicide several times, not just with a handgun, but dangerous barbiturate drugs as well.
3. Was a potential source of trouble for the church.
4. Had left NY FDN church job and training course without permission. (and had a possible freeloaders debt).
5. Had left the 6th Avenue center without permission.
6. Had left the Guardians Office without permission and that my $10,000.00 bond to them was pending review.
7. Had committed various other crimes around the church in addition to what was already 'reported'.
8. Had altered my auditing folder to confuse the church.
10. Had engaged in sexually questionable acts.

It was not possible to justify or document these 'claims'. There were no sources to get proof from. I was resigned to listen and allow her to finish.

I was 'ordered' by her in writing to do the following if I wished to continue with training and auditing:

1. A complete life history write up.
2. Notarization of an affidavit stating that the churches findings about me were true. (This was to demonstrate to others that I was crazy and believed these findings could be proved).
3. A Guardians Office World Wide Form 5 Green Form Security Check, to be delivered to me in the form of auditing at professional church rates.
4. A new petition to the GO.
5. An additional, hidden crime write up of any or all other hidden crimes I accumulate during this process.

When this was done, all the information would be sent again to the GO as a package. This package would then be returned approved or disapproved by the GO, regarding allowing me to continue becoming a Scientologist.

Anna Balash would then inform me of the GO's response to 'our cycle' when it arrived and advise me professionally on what my next step should be.

I showed Anna Balash the petition LRH had approved and then sent me. She stated that LRH's petition response was not valid in this matter.

After this briefing she took me to the registrar to start a cash flow for the audited Security Check portion of the procedure, for which I was asked to purchase at minimum of 12 1/2 hours of auditing.

The registrar was now Raymond Biardi, former Executive Director of the church.

Anna 'explained' to him that my 'cycle' should go without a problem.

I should have reported this 'cycle' to the Police, with the church's own written documents as evidence of their crimes but, I did not know enough about the law to do that at the time, never being involved with the law up to that point.

Raymond Biardi said he needed $2,400.00. That was the current price for my auditing. I gave him $11.00. The following weekend I came back and gave him $10.00. He gave me receipts for both of these transactions. I did not complete the payments as I was not satisfied with where this would wind anybody up.

I went home and explained this to my parents and family, who were in disbelief and shock.

I did not go back to the church until 1985 when new church Treasurer Joan Woods, called me on the phone stating, that I had an $1,100.00 freeloaders debt. I tried not to burst out laughing in her face on the phone, and said good night after she finished talking.

I did stop by the church several times during that year to talk to other persons who had 'things to say' to me, and while there on one occasion, I was asked to go and please get a guy named Richie who worked there. I did not know Richie and asked the woman who had sent me to get him, named Megan, where he was. She said 'He's in the back of the auditorium'. I went to the back of the church auditorium and found Richie's 'house'.

Richie, lived in the crawlspace between a floor and a ceiling in the back of the auditorium. Just to clarify this: a crawlspace is a space about 16' high that is located between the ceilings and floors of about any given structure.

Anna Balash and Raymond Biardi wrote me and called me several times, as did other staff, asking me what was the matter?, how come I had not come back? what about my cycle?

I was later conned by the bookstore officers at two churches, into buying thousands of dollars in LRH books. A complete LRH library of over 72 volumes. I later threw all these books in the garbage along with the illegal E Meter. I could not get my money back for the E Meter and was unable to communicate realistically with anyone about it.

An activity went on, behind the scenes, from January 1980 to March 1986 that caused me some problems. I needed the church to review my actual qualifications as a Scientologist, and not their made up ones, I felt. I felt that without big money I could not get them to look and see.

With limited time and money, and restricted to activities at the church in NY, I made an effort to pay for auditing and training. I gave myself hidden crimes to write up on purpose to pay for auditing and training. I then mailed these write ups in to Anna Balash at the church in NY, once or twice a week for 6 years, even when she was not any longer employed there. These write ups were always 5 to10 pages long, on both sides of a sheet of paper and scared my family, friends, associates and strangers that knew about them. I once observed a church staff member named Lucille Femine, reading one of these writeups I had sent in to Anna in a dark section of the church. She was the wife of Marcel Femine, former co-owner of Raymond Biardi's defunct company. These write ups contained illegal acts that I stupidly thought would eventually enable me to pay for the expensive services I thought I needed to get at the church.

These write ups, ruined everyone's life and morale that I was around at the time. An example of one of these unneccessary crimes was, allowing myself to be drugged and then raped by queers. These men told me they were from Broadway, and Hollywood, that they knew people and had money, and that they had jobs and houses I could stay at, and I was going to be a star. I expected to inherit millions from these guys that was not only going to make me rich, but the church too. When things like this did not work out, I would write them up and send them in to the church so as not so suffer any ill effects from having such acts on my conscience. The church in exchange sent me spiritual guidance in the form of Hubbard scriptures to help me to streamline my activities and sometimes called me on the phone just to talk.

If I thought someone was opposed to Scientology? For example: I once punched a stranger I did not know, in the face at a bus stop in front of witnesses at 7:30 A.M. and stood there yelling 'Come on! Come on!' suspecting that he was antagonistic of my paying for church services. If it turned out that he was a good guy actually, or even if it turned out that he was a bad guy, I wrote it up to the church.

Many similar acts followed, all supposed to in my mind help me get auditing and go 'Clear'. I had a nervous breakdown from the experiences and this prompted me to regain control of my life. I felt I had nowhere else to go and no one else to turn to other than the church.

I no longer practice these write ups and came to my senses on my own.

The church has still not commented on the fact that they no longer receive these letters from me. Partly because they were not paid anything or given any kind of credit for the fact that I ceased this church sponsored insanity on my own without their help, and secondly because of the kind of attention that admitting to this sort thing could bring upon the church. Afterwards, almost every Scientologist I met was antagonistic to the fact that these letters had ceased, especially Scientologists I already knew, who had told this story to others whom I did not know yet.

In 1985 I moved to an apartment in NYC with a buddy of mine Gordon Needham. In June of 1986, I secretly packed my bags, and flew to Clearwater, Florida. I got my own place, my own job, and lived there for 3 years. With the help of my neighbors in Clearwater and my family, I was able to get the time and money to rest and become well. I am forever indebted to them, for stopping me, pointing this out to me and helping me to save my own life.

I walked into the Flag church one afternoon, without telling anyone I had plans to go there. I had never been there before and knew no one there and was expecting to handle my whole 'situation' and go home a free man spiritually.

The first person I see meet, is Kitty Kahn the consultant from NY who works at Flag. Two days later I met Anna Balash a short distance away, sitting on a balcony railing swinging her feet and drinking soda elsewhere.

My new consultant was named Christian. I met a lot of the staff at Flag and some Scientologists from around the world. It was like a happy ending to a story.

I signed up for training and auditing and phoned my family to tell them where I was and what I was doing. I was at Flag every day for a couple of months. I ran free errands for staff, wrote hundreds of letters out to their customers for them each week. I lost my interest in Scientology after a short time, as my previous problems in the church, were never addressed.

A staff member that was one of the bosses of the 'estates renovation' project, that was remodeling the church at the time, offered me a job. She asked me to work with her for 6 weeks as temporarily contracted staff and live in the church for those six weeks, while helping to renovate the church. At the end of the six weeks, my contract would expire and as a bonus, in addition to regular staff pay earned each week, I would be given a one time credit of $2,200.00 at the church good towards any services I wanted to do there. Not only did I not trust her from the start, but she suddenly tells me, that the U.S. Immigration Service is seeking to deport her because she accepted her job at the church while in the U.S. on a tourist visa. I did not accept the job.

I went to the beach every day once for a couple of months and out to the Gulf of Mexico to walk and be with nature, and frequented unpopulated areas of the beach. I once caught a huge fat goose after a 45 minute chase on foot. I gave the goose alot of hugs and kisses and let the goose go. I came home after sundown to avoid people.

Suddenly in town, in the mornings and during the day, I began being told I was not welcome at Scientologists businesses in the downtown area. These were people I did not know because I was not normally in these places. I could not get an explanation as to why I was not welcome. I did not wish to tackle anyone on the matter.

In spite of the fact, that I lived around the corner from Flag, for 3 years, I was not written to, visited or phoned once, by the church the whole time I was there. This is unusual, considering the daily communications almost between myself and other churches that normally took place when I lived up north. In New Jersey I lived a minimum of 30 miles from the nearest church and had much less time, money and opportunity to spend time with them than when I lived in Clearwater.

Kitty Kahn one afternoon at Flag, was sitting at her desk calling me 'a queer' for others to notice, out loud. Later, she was walking down Pierce Street, behind the church, bursting out laughing out loud to herself in public. I saw her walking around town and she would see me and never once say hi. Except once she noticed me by telling her lady friend that was with her, 'he's on his way to a security check', meaning me.

One of the auditing directors at Flag, a guy, got into the habit of calling me 'gay' in public around other people. These are bad things to say out loud to others regardless of anything.

I passed Flag every day on my way to and from the beach, and sometimes at night, I heard loons walking around on the balconies, saying out loud to themsleves, 'I'm free, I'm free at last'.

If you had a valid complaint about any Scientologist, and told it to the authorities, they would seldom help. An example is church public that will deliberately walk into you physically assaulting you in a deranged manner, while crossing an intersection with them by coincidence, and then keep walking.

Once an angry motorist, get out of his car and ran after a church public and punched the guy in his head and face right in the front doors of the church. The motorist got back in his car and drove off.

Once, I was sitting on a bench across the street from Flag, when a Scientologist came out and exposed his genitals to me. He then hurried back into the church in an excited way. Hence, people occasionally got the opportunity, to have valid complaints about many Scientologists.

One afternoon I was at the Park Diner, and saw a neighbor of mine inside so we sat down and had lunch together. Suddenly, a man, a stranger, in a Scientology church uniform, walked up to our table, and stood there. He interrupted us and asked 'Did one of you just say something BAD about Scientology?' He claimed to have overheard us from the next booth and would not cease. He ignored answering us about why he was interrupting our lunch in this manner. We finally asked him to 'go away from our table'. He was even stubborn to leave. The owner of the restaurant Basim and his son Ralph, questioned us when we left about who that guy was that came to our table. We laughed and said we were not 100% sure, and told them what he said.

It was not unusual in Clearwater, to go into a Scientologist owned business and see a fight break out. These fights were routinely in the form of other Scientologists showing up and screaming 'You are to get onto your next church service NOW!', to whatever people it could be screamed at. The peoples bosses would normally show up and intervene. Scientologists do this, to give the impression of being sincere about their religious beliefs.

I sent donations to Flag that never even reached my account. I believe the money was 'filtered out' by the staff that it passed through en route.

Hence, people occasionally got the opportunity, to have valid complaints about many Scientologists.

I wrote to members of the church management. I even wrote to LRH when he was still alive. I reported to them the problems I was having. I was never answered, except for LRH who wrote back and said 'Go back to the church and talk to someone' and the church Justice Chief who said she was 'unaware I was having any real problems'. I moved back home to New Jersey from Clearwater in 1989 after one of my parents became ill. I never resolved any Scientology difficulties I had at Flag and was glad to leave.

I telephoned the church in L.A. in June of 1989, to use up the money left on my account there. I spoke to Larry MacDonald in the Treasury Office. He said, I had no money left on account. He said the money I had left on the account was transferred to Flag to pay for my Flag services. I had a copy of his account statement, and it said in WRITING on the statement, that my money had been sent to Flag. I told the Treasurer I had a copy of my Flag account statement in my hand, with date and amount of all transfers into and out of the account and that this transfer he said took place never took place. He promptly credited my account in the exact correct amount. I made a purchase in the full amount of what was left on the account bringing the account to $00.00, where it has remained to this day.

I did the same thing at the remaining churches in L.A. where I had money left on account from previous business and these churches all had complete current records of my accounts, and I was allowed to bring my balances $00.00.

I also contacted Flag, and both NY churches next to use up the remainder of the money that was left on my accounts at these churches too.

The NY Day church Treasurer named Donna, invited me to see her over the phone. My sister Lorraine went with me. Donna found all my records and allowed me to use up my remaining balance.

I called the NY FDN church to inquire about my account. Raymond Biardi was put on the phone and said 'Hi crazy' and hung up the phone. I re-phoned the church the next day and asked to speak to Raymond Biardi again. Raymond Biardi was again put on the phone to talk to me. He said 'Look, Mr. Toomajan, if this is about your church declare or something, why don't you just fuck off!', and hung up the phone.

When I telephoned Flag to inquire about my account, Kitty Kahn responded to my call. I asked her about my account and did the church have my current address. She promptly yelled into the phone at me 'Oh, she doesn't work here anymore!', and hung up phone. I have not been able to access my account records at the NY FDN church and Flag at this writing.

In October of 1993 my mother and I had gone to a Halloween parade in the center of town and sat down in a restaurant after the parade. I noticed a NY FDN staff member named Jennifer Cox, standing on line at the cash register in the restaurant. She spotted me as she was leaving and came over to our table to talk. She said she was still a Scientologist, and was training at the church in NY with her kids, and that she had not seen me in a while and was wondering what was going on with me and that she had opened an art business on the highway not too far from there, and was selling art goods. After she left, I explained to my mother who she was.

I went down to the highway about a week later, to see if she was telling the truth and I found her business. I bought a picture of the New York City skyline from her and left.

Jennifer Cox is not any longer employed at this location, but the landlord was then and still is as of January 2003, a city councilman named Charles Crane. I asked Charles Crane if I could speak to him. He said OK. He was not aware of any involvement I might had with his tenants and their church prior to my telling him.

Charles Crane lives right next door to the Scientologists art business on another piece of property he owns. I explained to Charles Crane, the sort of involvement his tenants and their church, have sought with me over the past few years. He asked me to please write the matter up for him, which I did. His tenants told me he confronted them with the matter.

One of Charles Cranes Scientology tenants, Larry Broncato, also remembered me and told me so. Larry Broncato is a former 6th Avenue Mission staff member. Susan Cox, who told me years ago, while she was giving me a lift home from the church, that she smoked marijuana while studying Scientology, was also employed there and also told me that she recognized me.

Charles Crane surprised me with a court summons. I had to go to court and tell the judge that I told Charles Crane about his tenants continually harassing me so as to get legal insight into what to do about it, since he was not being harrassed, just I was, to my knowledge.

Charles Crane, his son, his stepson and a lawyer, ganged up on me in court. I represented myself without counsel. The Cranes lied saying that I had been told by each member of the Crane group, several times on more than one occasion, never to trespass on their property, and that after several run ins that they claimed they had with me, in defiance, I deliberately went back against their wishes and made trouble not just for them, but for the Scientologists as well.

I had to a pay a $250.00 fine for reporting his tenant's crimes against ME to him, in an effort to learn what to do about it and was forbidden by the judge from ever setting foot on the property again.

The staff of the business on Charles Cranes property has changed hands more frequently than I have ever been there, and is always Scientologists. They have listed themselves in the phone book as:

1. The Profit Center
2. The Art and Picture Warehouse
3. An Auto Body Shop,

And other different business titles concurrently.

On another occasion, I left a $30.00 deposit with Larry Broncato, for a picture that needed a custom sized frame built for it. I found another picture, in the meantime, at another store that was more appropriate, for less money, and I wanted that picture instead. I told Larry Broncato on the phone I did not any longer need his services and would like my deposit back. There are very few art stores in this area. He said OK, and that he had not yet started working on my picture. When I went there, he refused to refund any of my deposit, even with the receipt. He claimed it had something to do with taxes being taken out. He offered me a used picture, that looked like it had been removed from someone's trash and brought there to be sold. He told me that this salvaged trash item, was normally $37.00, but that he would give it to me instead of my deposit as an exchange and I could take it or leave it. My mother went with me, and took it and left.

In March of 1994 Raymond Biardi contacted me after I had phoned the church several times and left messages for him to call me, in an effort to discuss my account with him. He asked me to come in to the church and see him. I went, on a Sunday. March 13. I met Raymond Biardi in his office around 3:30 P.M. on the second floor. We talked and he said he did not 'remember this cycle of action' because his recall 'unfortunately is not too good'.

I showed him the invoices he had written me and asked where were his copies. He stood up from his desk and made a motion with his hands and two unidentified men entered the room. The first man said 'I think it is time for you to leave'. I said 'I am in the middle of discussing something with Raymond, and I will leave as soon as we are through'. The man yelled 'NOW!', and threw a manila folder he was holding to the floor, and then leaped 3 feet through the air across the room towards me and onto me, so that both of his hands landed around my neck. At which point, he forced me to the floor, smashing my head into a desk behind me in the process. He placed his knee on my throat making breathing and speaking almost impossible and pinned my arms, while the second man jumped on my legs nearly busting them.

Raymond Biardi called the police while this assault was in progress, and reported that a maniac had forced his way into the church and was being detained by two of the other staff for the police after assaulting someone else in the building. Raymond Biardi hung up, and then the two men casually got off me and said 'Good Bye'.

I got up and walked passed them, out the door, down a flight of stairs, and out the front door calmly, where the police were just pulling up. I stopped them and asked them if they could help me. The police went inside the church to speak to some of the staff. Raymond Biardi was nowhere to be seen and I waited by their patrol car. 10 or 12 other staff members surrounded the police talking to them all at the same time. The police came out and asked me to go with them to the Emergency Room and make sure I was OK, because I was bleeding in a few spots. I was examined by a nurse, treated and released. The visit cost me $420.00. I was instructed after the hospital exam by the police to file a criminal complaint.

I went to the Midtown North police precinct on West 52nd Street in Manhattan, and spoke to 4 detectives after leaving the emergency room. They questioned me for almost 2 hours. I wound up obligated to file a criminal complaint against the church attackers before leaving the precinct. Albeit, the two attackers whose names I did not know, I gave Raymond Biardi as the contact person. These 3 church staff never filed a complaint. It is possible that the NYPD may still have Raymond Biardi's 911 call to their office, in their recorded archives.

I was contacted at my job by phone, 4 days later by Detective McKay of the NYPD. He wanted me, to go with him and another detective, to the Org to see Raymond Biardi and place the two attackers under arrest. I was at work and could not go that afternoon. The detective re-phoned me at home, two days later, requesting another opportunity to make an arrest with me. He volunteered his services on Sunday as well in case this was more convenient for me. I was concerned about needing too much time off from work, should the case drag out over several months and require several court appearances, even though I was harmed by this church. I told the detective that if they gave me a problem locally, I would call the Police here in my area and do something about it then. The complaint was left open for 1 year, at his request, rather than be dismissed, in case anything changed in my scenario.

I had to bring some of my clothes to a tailor for repair at my own expense after this attack, because the Scientologists had tried to tear my clothes off so that I would leave the church half naked. I no longer have the invoices Raymond Biardi stole that day. I did not make copies of these invoices, never imagining violence coming about as the result of a donation. I received several phone calls afterwards, from different church staff, saying an investigation into my missing funds had been launched and what the prognosis was of finding the money.

In August 2000, I began studying vegetarianism, exercise and nutrition and was curious about Hubbard book called 'Clear Body-Clear Mind. It was $17.10 at Barnes and Nobles in Springfield, NJ. I called and asked the price.

My sister Lorraine came home from school that day and told me that a Scientology center had just opened about 1 block from her school on Morris Avenue, in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

On my way to Barnes and Nobles, I spotted the center and went in. Bruce Dobin, a former NY FDN church staff member I recognized, but had never had any real contact with in the past, was the mission holder and introduced himself to me. I told him that I wanted to buy a copy of this book. He said he didn't have one and offered to order one for me for $35.00. Barnes and Nobles was an additional 25 minute ride from the center, so I said OK. He gave me a receipt for the book and I left.

I came home to discover him on the phone interrogating my mother about, What's her phone number? How old is she? What's her real address? Does Larry live there? Who else lives there? How long have we lived here? What is Larry's real name? and a lot of questions. My mother told me after she had finished talking to him that he called her and said that I had just purchased a book from him and that he needed more particular information.

Bruce called me 2 days later to say my book had not come in yet, and he would ship it to me when it came in. He asked me, would I like to go to an open house party the following Monday night, that he and his wife Sharon were having at the mission. I said OK and went.

There was a guest speaker who had gotten hundreds of hours of auditing, after that Bruce spoke. Refreshments followed, and then a registration period for guests to buy services. No one bought anything. I was standing at the table where the staff were seated trying to sign the guests up. As I was standing there, I spotted 4 copies of the book I had ordered, on a bookshelf behind the staff. I was told this book had not come in yet. I kept this observation to my self, aware that I was now being lied to by Bruce Dobin.

All the staff of this center are former NY FDN staff members, or were at the time. I recognized them, knew their names, and specific history about them. Before I left, Bruce Dobin told me that he is going to Flag on Friday, for two weeks. He said he will talk to me when he comes back. So, I called him about two weeks after that (3 weeks after I had ordered the book), and he said the book had not come in yet.

1 week later Bruce called me late at night, about 10:30 P.M., while I was sitting on my front porch talking to my sister Lorraine. I had a cordless phone with me on the porch and spoke to him with her there. He called to tell me that my book had still not come in, and that he would ship it to me when it did as promised. He then said that in the meantime, he had received data about me from the church. Because of this data, I was not to come to the center any more because I was not welcome there by him. He asked that I not phone there ever again, or make any attempts to 'engage in any kind of communication' with any of the center staff including him, and he made a reference about calling the police if I attempted to contact him or the center staff. He refused to be specific in any way about what information he had received about me from his church.

I telephoned the center about one week later to ask where my book was. I had to leave several messages on their answering machine, because no one ever answered the phone when I called. My messages never got returned. I finally called Bridge Publications in L.A. which is the organization that prints all of the church's books and materials.

I complained to a woman at Bridge, that it was taking over 5 weeks to get a copy of a Hubbard book out of Bruce's center, that was available at Barnes and Nobles in my area for less than half the price the center was charging. The person at Bridge, apologized to me, and sent me a free copy of the book, UPS 3 Day Select, which arrived 3 days later from L.A. I read through the book for what I needed to know and put the book away.

Suddenly, about 3 days after the free book arrives from Bridge, Bruce wrote me a letter and knew all about my call to Bridge Publications and said so. Attached to the letter was a package with my book in it.

His letter stated that I 'was not any longer welcome at his center' that I was 'bad news', that I was never to 'call there again or show up there for any reason'. All of this is being said for a second time, as he had already told me this in an earlier telephone conversation we had. He further wrote, that when my 'free' book arrived from Bridge Publications, that I was to 'return it' to him, because I was not entitled to a free copy of this book. He went on to say that I was to 'ship it to him at my own expense'.

I donated both copies to the Linden Public Library without first asking, and they threw them in the garbage. The library no longer accepts book donations from the public. I was told this by the Librarian after I tried to donate some other books I had another time.

In October 2002, I stumbled upon some information on the internet by sheer luck. I found the transcripts of Scientology's much guarded confidential upper auditing levels called OT Sections 1 to 8, and read them for the first time.

As a result of reading these OT levels, every question I ever had or might think of about Scientology, was answered, forever.

It became real to me for the first time ever, how confused I was about Scientology, and not even aware of it. This knowledge was denied to me for years by church staff. Instead of being given the facts, I was swindled and lied to, by staff, looking for a quick profit and to wreck peoples lives forever thereafter.

Helena Kobrin, is an attorney for the church, and is fighting for them on the internet, and in court, to prevent anyone from reading these OT levels that is not a duly appointed to do so, member of the church. I was threatened with legal action by Helena Kobrin's law firm for just asking them, if the information I had read was authentic or fake OT levels. I was not certain of their authenticity having never read them before, because church members normally pay upwards of $275,000.00 to read these levels. Her law firm had to be sent a copy of what I had read and was asking about so as not to confuse anything in any way.

I have not associated with Scientology, since learning the truth on these OT levels.

When I first got involved in Scientology, friends from school, or friends of friends from school, said my communication skills had improved since doing the Communications Course. They wanted to know more than I was able to tell them at the time. So, 3 of these people, Richard Kelly, Annette Soucy, and Jamie Venditto, bought books by Hubbard, or went to the church in NY for more information with me. Richard Kelly and Annette Soucy, bought Communications Courses, and attended them at the church on weekends. So I was actually an asset to this church. They never completed the courses and the church never asked them to come back and finish, according to Richard Kelly and Annette Soucy themselves.

Richard Kelly and I have both lived in Linden for 30 years, and are still friends. He lives 1 block from Charles Cranes property.

In addition, one of the two Black Belts in Tae Kwondo that rents an apartment in our house, is a Tae Kwondo instructor, and owns a business 3 doors down from Charles Cranes property. His name is Kenneth Bolomey and he knows Charles Crane. Richard Kelly is also acquainted with Kenneth Bolomey and both of these guys are buddies of mine. I told Kenneth Bolomey this entire account about Scientology.

George Chelekis from the defunct Rower mission is currently wanted in Florida by 5 or 6 government agencies for contempt of court and fraud, according to the Factnet internet website and the St. Petersburg Times of Florida. He is also friends with Larry Broncato from the art business on Charles Cranes property out on the highway.

Lawrence Toomajan
January 2003

8. Do you think the Church of Scientology needs to change some of its practices? If so, what should be changed? How did those practices affect your life?

9. If the items you listed in the previous question were changed, would you consider rejoining or staying in the Church of Scientology? If so, why?
Yes. Because, it is not really a fair deal, for church staff to be free to pile up overts on the public, and public not being desirous of piling up overts on staff.

10. Any additional comments you would like to make?
I am not opposed to Scientology or Scientologists, just people who pretend to be Scientologists and pretend to deliver Scientology.

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