Scientology - Through the Door


Tuesday, 1st May, 2007 04:41:33pm

Name or Alias: Hemp4FoodFun&Fuel
Training and/or processing level: Plenty of Indoctrination. No Telepathy 101 though. And neither was 'level' but rather slanted
Org or location: I’m in a mission...or is it ON?!
Time involved in the Church of Scientology: Time is a consideration.
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1. How did you first become acquainted with the Church of Scientology?
There are plenty of good people in $ciLIEntology who know not what they do but it’s the guys that are running it that I write about here. To them, I say: Don’t confuse me with such people, that’s bad manners. Remember 'that' line in the movie of eLcon’s last interview that he granted to a fellow by the name of Tony Hitchman (now an OaTea8, who fled to South Africa not to be implicated in Reed Slatkin’s ponzi scheme where he defrauded, mostly $ciLIEntologists, to the tune of $400 million USD)? eLconFlubbard said this line and made a comment about “...all this business about sex...” True to form, he then makes you get all kinds of security checks where all the business IS about sex; and lurid questions, too, at that. Like, have you ever had sex with a dead body? If you don’t beLIEve me, read thru some of the various so called security check questions some time. Any ex-$ciLIEntologist will know what I’m talking about. The good guys beLIEve they’re helping to “save the world” so to speak. They want to CLEAR THE PL(ie)ANET! eLconFlubbard wanted to clear the planet too: One bank account at a time ;-) By the way, speaking of clearing the planet, how long will it take for every man woman and child to accumulate $360,000.00 USD so they can do their whole bridge? Does that mean the meek indian peasant in Bolivia and the factory worker in Hungary too; or are they just $ea Org fodder to serve the rich at the $and Castle? Who has that kind of money? Have you ever checked to see what people in other “less developed” parts of the world make? Trust me, most people don’t make that kind of money. So besides being booty routed, I was shown this film of eLconblubbard’s last interview, he granted. What a man! Oops forgot the CON! :)

2. What initially appealed to you about scientology?
That eLconFlubbard film they used to show at their indoctrination centers. I guess I was susceptible to be conned as I was looking, or seeking, rather, for answers. I was and still am what you might term a “seeker.” Not many years after I got “involved” that the whole structure started becoming more fascistic, in hindsight. After what I know now to be the 1982 takeover, when they finalized a series of necessary steps to usurp all power under Rear-Admiral Miscabbage and get “Loyal Officers” Pat & Annie Broeker out of the way, things started getting much more [$cientology] serious. I was also hooked by some of eLcon’s more idealistic and flowery writings, such as “My Philosophy,” “Intention,” “What Is Greatness?,” and the like. The ARC triangle, fluffy stuff like’at. Talk about “embellishing the truth.” That’s at the very beginning. But the indoctrination starts almost immediately after you’re “in.” eLcon is portrayed in all his writings and everywhere as this great man. A benefactor of mankind who yearns to be a dog: Man’s best friend. [AND HE WAS A DOG! He was a lying dog and now he’s a lying stiff; and I say let sleeping dogs LIE! - LoL] All the voluminous writings point to it. The busts and pictures of him let you know he’s to be revered, or at least admired. He is a self-acknowledged genius: an idealist but a pragmatist at the same time. No one has done what he has had the bold courage, the “stick-to-it-ive-ness,” and the great insight to do. He is king! eLron is the man; he’s a man’s man - actually he always seemed a lil mickey-mouse to me but that’s again, in hindsight. And one, of course, learns of his creation: $ciLentology. This is the science of knowing how to know [what we want you to]. It’s described as an “applied religious philosophy.” And it’s expertly “applied”on all of us by the master, himself. As a side note eLcon said he “coined” the term as far back as 1938; hoping you’d NEVER look (as he was always trying to get you to do ;) and find out that a German Argentinian by the name of Dr. Anastasius Nordenholz (I believe I got the spelling right - who was also a Nazi sympathizer), wrote a book in german titled: “Scientologie, Science of the Constitution and Usefulness of Knowledge.” The reference can be found in old vol. 1 pg. 3 and states in part, “In 1938 I codified certain axioms and phenomena into what I called 'Scientology.’” Can you say bull(BLEEP)? Oh and now, the free-zone Scientologists (those practising ‘outside’ the church) have bought the copyrights and reprinted this book, so they can effectively take over after the present monstruosity dies; which it is slowly doing already. None of their much touted OaTeas had the vision to predict the internet. ;) So what initially appealed to me were the LIES! You know all them cutesie flowery-language lil articles, eLcon concocted for us to swallow (or maybe even ghost-written by someone else) And what finally got me out was the TRUTH! And you know what they say, the “truth” sometimes hurts. But it IS true that $cientology IS “the road to Total Freedom,” because when you follow the maze (that dark labyrinth [def.: 1. Maze, especially underground or covered] and them oT levels are surely “covered,” I’d say “buried.”) all the way through (the way out is the way through;) you end up totally free. Ask an ex-$ea org person who’s been slaving away, like let’s say a Class XII who’s been making as much as $100,000.00 USD in a WEEK, working for peanuts (don’t know what they pay them these days - not minimum wages, that’s for sure) taking orders sometimes from a child because he’s a COMMODE-ODOR mess-aNGER, GETTING DEMEANED and belittled and screamed at by his seniors, living in squalor in many cases and getting sent to their gulag as punishment (I roll my eyes at it being called rehabilitation) and this person FINALLY realizes it’s a bunch of malarkey, trust me using the MASTER’S own words, he’s exceedingly happy!!! Free at last, thank God Almighty, I’m free at last!!! That’s the TOTAL FREEDOM in $ilentology. So the truth hurts AND it sets you free. Any questions? :))

3. Were there problems in your life that you thought scientology would address?
From my present personal vantage point - and boy, does $cilentology foolproof one! - we ALL have problems. If you are alive, you have problems. But again, ask an ex-$ea org person, if he had problems while ON $cilentology: No money, lack of or insufficient sleep, lousy food and living quarters, no family time because one was downstat or the stat-push is on to clear the planet one bank account at a time according to the fuehrer’s wishes, of course. You know, his policies, his rules, his “advices,” his rants, his demands. He didn’t want all the birthday gifts he was getting from practically every “org” in the planet. Instead, he created the Birth-Day Game and just simply said: SHOW ME THE $$$ !!! Ask Miscabbage once he gets indicted and panned and scanned on the witness stand :) That’s from Enturbulator009. More on that later Here’s another taste from a song titled “Bigotwatch This:”

“It isn’t costing me a lot of money,
So I find it funny.
You let a dwarf replace a dummy,
A rummy,
With pinks and greys inside his tummy
Getting chummy,
With anyone who’d help him get more scummy...”

Check them out! The site above will take you to which has a FREE downloadable CD, titled very appropriately, “$cientology Sucks!” Oh and they’re not even ex-scienos. They got into the fray when our friendly Office of $pecial Affairs started applying that very KEY PL having to do with “maintaining friendly relations with the environment” and tried to close down servers and went after some of their critics on the internet; which was seen by everyone outside for what it was, an attack on free speech... Way to go, Michael R înder, Davie Miscabbage’s genital grinder! ^5 >;)

Excuse me or oblige me and bear with me as I solve some of my problems here. Here’s the titles to the songs in the above CD: 1. Make Money, Make More Money 2. Entheta 3. 8 Million 4. Commodore Rimjob 5. Ron Got penetrated 6. Avagram 7. One of Us 8. If They Can’t Take a Joke 9. Bigotwatch This 10. No OTs 11. Xenu’s Carwash 12. OT3 13. Virus: Hubbard and finally 14. $cientology Sucks! Let’s all do as PTS from the UK says here in his “Through the Door Interview:” DO WHAT YOU CAN TO SPREAD THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION. I’m burning copies of the CD and will be sending them to certain $cientology friends and one copy for Howard Stern - he HATES $cilentology! LoL

4. Did you see, experience, or hear about things that didn't seem right while you were in the Church of Scientology? What were they, and what convinced you to set aside your feelings?
I didn’t see anything like some of the stories from ex-$ea ogre members but can still see how they’re true from my own personal experiences in dealing with the kult. I saw examples of disconnection where husband and wife were made to divorce because one had been SP declared, or if one spouse was deemed a DB (degraded being) or criminal or PT$ or whatever and the other was a “producer” and his or her relationship was deemed detrimental by the powers that be. I experienced poor living conditions for myself and other staff and even public who payed into the org whatever they could to BUY THEIR SALVATION. I experienced unfair treatment of staffs (myself included), screaming and yelling and in some cases, physical abuse: Like a head sup being pushed and thrown to the wall and pinned there where a barrage of insults flowed from the D of T (Director of Training). And this happened right in the academy, too. :( I also saw what reges or registrars (sales personnel) did to pump money from their 'marks.' How they lied and connived and high-pressured people to give up their hard-earned money for the promise of the magic golden carrot of TOTAL SPIRITUAL FREEDOM that was dangled or held over their heads. Everyone must go up the bridge. You must buy your bridge. Anyone here wanna buy a bridge from me? We all bought a bridge, my friends. That to me says a lot!
And what made me set aside whatever mixed up feelings I may have had at the time was that very same carrot. :( THERE ARE NO OTs as Lerma is quick to point out. They don’t have any levels above VIII except well, as I like to quote from the first Indiana Jones movie, “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” where Sallah played by the welsh actor John Rhys-Davies asks Harrison Ford: “What are you gonna do Indy?” And he replies, “I don’t know, I’m making it up as I go!” Whoever the senior C/S Int is at the time will have to put some B/S as C/S :) together so that people can fork over the moolah >;) I mean, EVERYBODY now, especially in the US and other industrialized countries know of the SHAM and they’ll find it harder and harder to peddle their snake oil cures for everything from a common cold to cancer; except many OTs are dying of cancer & other strange diseases (brain tumors, et al) probably from the exposure to blue asbestos (the worst kind) in the DEATHWINDS asbestos scrape as reported by ex-$ea org member and architect Lawrence Woodcraft in his affidavit presented to the courts by Bob Minton.
I hear even some top brass has been sent to the DeathWinds secret RPF. What I personally experienced the worst were the stat pushes and the demands for money to pay for services - the marathon reg cycles. Takes as long as it takes (before the mark coughs up the dough), right?! And most did, too :( And the global carnival show continues. The numeral 8 stood upright does represent infinity. It’s an infinite maze of courses, processes, grades, levels, security checks, ad infinitum! Remember, as long as you have money and/or are willing to give your soul to the fuehrer’s “tech” you can go to heaven (which was an implant :) my son! Also, have you noticed the crossed out cross AND what about the symbol for OT? It’s a T for thetan “trapped” by the symbol for infinity, the O.

5. Why did you choose to stay in the Church of Scientology?
I stayed because I wanted to exorcise of all those pesky lil creatures or body-thetans. I was, of course a pre-Operating $atan but I knew one day I’d be like eLconBlubbard himself a full Operating Satan! WoW, what a coincidence, he was also into magic and the occult and one of his very best friend was none other than the late Aleister Crowley, himself a satanist and founder of OTO Ordi Templis Orientis [sumpin like'at:)]... hmmm, it even has the letters OT in it - nah, just another coincidence. Like the other coincidence about eLcon having said “the only way to make a million dollars is start a religion which the church of Satanology claims was NOT said by eLrum(and coke)Blubbard but by George Orwell... So he didn’t say that after all; it’s just another coincidence that wOW! He founded his very own religion - AND NAVY, cause he was kicked out of the real one) Can you say, “circumstancial evidence?!” I stayed because I firmly beLIEved that we were creating a better world, if only as eLrum said “...with broken straws.” Only thing he didn’t say is the straws got broken after he got a hold of them, himself. I stayed because I thought ONE DAY I would learn all the secrets of the Universe and have BACK my incredible $atan powers (wow, just like Hitler was trying to create: A race of Supermen; another coincidence) Were we naive!

6. Were you staff or public? If staff, was it at a mission or an org? Were you ever in the Sea Org or OSA? Which unit? If not on staff, did you ever volunteer to 'help out'?
All of the above except I was never in the $atanic Order (SO) or the Oriffice of $upre$$ive Attacks - and of course, I wouldn’t qualify for the Real Time Con (better known as RTC) since after all, I AM A PRETTY DECENT AND HONEST PERSON! Right now, I’m in a Mission... or is it ON?! >;) I still wanna ‘help out’ $cientologists reach that wonderful TOTAL SPIRITUAL FREEDOM, which can only be achieved by crossing the Bridge all the way OUT OF $CILENTOLOGY! And then one will regain one’s true spiritual self and one’s integrity and decency. Inside, these will only clash with the kult’s AIMS which are NOT as stated: A world without war, insanity and crime.

Let’s look at these. They’re at war with SPs, the gov’t (‘cept the IRS which is now Davie’s friend, how cozy!), Interpol,
the internet, critics (ex-members or new free-speech advocates), the psychs, the drug companies, criminal elements and even the society itself is a large hostile generality termed WOGs by our fuehrer; which is, by the way, a racist term the Brittish used to refer to arabs, I believe - originally, that is; nevermind what good ole eLcon toleja! ;) A new tactic - I just “cognited” >:) - that is being employed (which is only yet another one of their many diversionary tactics) is to say that the REAL enemy we all have is the reactive mind but then Rinder gives an order to their favorite PI, Ingram to get all the lurid details on some critic, et al. Notice how a stupid wog is preferred cause he can do what 2,000 OTs cannot! Amazing! We must destroy the psychs, the SPs, etc., etc. I think Davie has adopted Iran’s foreign policy as his own (for $cilentology) What about insanity? I have personally seen a couple of people who didn’t turn out too good after undergoing their so called Advanced Tek. I’ve read of many going insane and OT 7's being institutionalized. And then well, I’ll name a few people who received the benefit of LconFlubbard’s super tek - which is, regardless of anything a PSYCHO-therapy and even Hubbard says in a basic book that $cientology is a branch of psychology: First and foremost, Lisa McPherson, Dana Lottick, now very recently, Jeremy Perkins stabbing his very own mother over 70 times, the list is long and keeps growing (see, whyaretheydead website for more) They's not doin’ two good in this heah depaht- ment, bubba! :o[ Wouldn’t you go insane too if in all your previous and early processing the goal was to “exteriorize” and then in the supposedly “advanced” levels, one was made to “introvert” for countless hundreds if not thousands of hours on the gOATee levels telepathically communicating (all alone in a room) with “non-existent” entities called body-satans and they have the nerve to claim THIS IS SCIENTIFIC?!?!?! (shakin me ‘ead)
Where’s the logic? Let’s see what are the illogics? Compare the gOaTee levels against them. Oh and while you’re at it, read “THE BASIC REASON” on the “Ethics” book. I’ll cite a short excerpt here: “When such a personality goes insane, the world is full of martians [Markabians?] Or the FBI [IRS, CIA, 12 men who rule the world, etc.] and each person met is really a martian or an FBI agent. LoL Too simple. (Again, in retrospect) :) Hubbard was said to have died full of the anti-psychotic drug, vistaril and in his last days would go ‘round screaming about his body-satans; so even he became a victim of his own 'advanced tek' ;) And what about his family and friends? Well, his wife went to jail taking the rap for him. What a man! Oops, again, I forgot the “con.” What about L.Ron Hubbard jr.? What of Quentin, a Class XII auditor who thought his father was insane? He died of as of yet unknown causes; although it was presumably labeled a suicide. Where are his two daughters, Diana & Suzette and his son Arthur? His first wife, Polly, was an alcoholic and the 2nd wife, Sara, that he denied marrying and claimed and disinherited the daughter they had together as not his own. What a conman?! He had a great 2D, didnt he?! And if you want to know more of the man’s sexual appetite and preferences, read his “Affirmations” or “Admissions,” as they have been more correctly described. IMHO the whole Ethics book is nothing more than a confession or at the very least a very personal (if indirect) glimpse into eLcon’s true self and personality. In other words, HE is that anti-social personality he knows so much about. Compare the 12 characteristics against his very own actions. By their acts ye shall know them. Broad generalities: Wogs, SPs, Dbs, PTSes, criminals, psychs, jokers & degraders, raw meat, nazis, medicos, government agents, FBI, CIA, Interpol, IRS (eLcon called them tax cruds and now they OWN $cilentology - he must be turning in his grave) Davie, how could ya?!!

Finally, we come to how we’re going to undo and revert this criminal streak in man... Let’s see, we’ll put Reed Slatkin I/C of this; well, as soon as he gets out of jail for FRAUD?! Of course UPPER MGMT (you know, Davie and his cronies and of course their atty’s) will oversee the whole operation, so not to worry, they have a lot of experience with this >;) And if there’s ANY opposition we’ll squash it using ETHICS, what else? You know that definition about removing counter-intention from the environment? That’s it, that’s the ticket, we’ll remove’em...of course, if it’s possible we’ll try to ruin them utterly; just lika da ole man would’ve wanted and done himself if he wasn’t such a coward and was too busy running and hiding from all his hallucinatory and real enemies (he created) which wanted to throw him in jail and he’d swore that he didn’t want to try to create another moonchild as he did with Jack Parsons cause truthfully, it hurt way more than when he broke his back going through gOaTee Trip (OT III :) He drank too much rum and used too many pinks and greys, the poor soul, and all of it for OUR BENEFIT (bah humbug!)

7. Why did you leave the Church of Scientology? Was there a "final straw"?
I have answered this question before and I’ve come to the “more solid” realization, to use $cientology-speak, that the more real, or more correctly, rather, “final straw” was when after a couple of incidents that occurred predisposed me to look on the internet for answers to certain very vague doubts I had and I found myself searching and reading for days, no weeks; actually months and it’s been a couple of years or so now AND I’M STILL READING! This WAS the final straw! I was reading the truth, not the embellished “shore stories” circulated in the $cilentology world and though albeit painful at times, I could recognize it as such. I have to say, again using “$cieno-speak,” Mr. Lerma impinges! He is, has been and I pray will continue to be a proverbial thorn in the thumb of $cilentology’s dark hand it tries to introduce for its “evil purposes” everywhere it can and is given an 'in,' with front groups such as NarCONon, Crim-IN-on, the Way To Hell fdn., :x CCHR, AppLIEd Scholastics, etc., etc. And, of course, more directly, their normal Indoctrination Centers, fraudulently known as “churches” for tax-evasion (not tax avoidance) purposes.
$cilentology is NOT a religion, it only calls itself one. No God is worshipped, there was no Christ and the only spirituality is the one you invent to yourself (the mind is a powerful thing) after being induced to in a placebo-like manner from all the false promises and insinuations from not only Hubbard, himself but the staff as well, who sometimes in a brainwashed sheep-like fashion, parrot the very exact words and accounts that were presented to you, as above; and at others -if you have become thoroughly hubbardized, there are degrees of indoctrination, too- more aggressively and ruthlessly or as it states in KSW 1, with more “ferocity.” And it can get quite ferocious, let me tell you. Not just bridge reg cycles but for donations to the IA$ (another front group I forgot to mention), or when recruiting for staff; especially for the $ea org. I’ve said this before but I got sick and thought (like a good lil $cientologist) that I’d “gone PT$” to these big bad SPs (wolves) BUT you know what? I kept reading and my wife tells me she was secretly hoping I’d continue which I did and then one fine day, I (as I’ve said) spotted the REAL “SP,” if there is even such a thing - I must point out again, none of this stuff has been truly “researched”
using the “scientific method” that Hubbard said he had to learn so he could pull this off. He only said he did but it was never applied and there are no records that can or will be shown or given to any such thing as a scientific peer group because the only thing they’d find is what EVERYONE already KNOWS; it’s all a con and a scam of global proportions.
At best they’re theories and/or hypotheses; assumptions and tentative conjectures. He did use the word “observations” quite a lot but, come on, I make a lot of observations too each and every day but I don’t call what I see or deduce from them “scientific.” And of course, it’s all spiced with his brand of science fiction adventure and sometimes downright lies and yes, drug induced hallucinations; not to mention all the people in and out of $cientology he plagiarized: Freud, Jung (one I don’t ever recall him mentioning), Jidu Krishnamurti, the great early 20th century thinker and philosopher whom mister you know who refers to as a “psychiatrist.” LoL [Easily DEAD AGENTED, to a $cilentologist, with a stroke of his pen by the use or application of this term to this individual] This is what eLcon says in the 19 May 1952 lecture, “Wavelengths of ARC” about him: “...many people down through the ages have adventured upon a technique which is known in psychiatry as having been authored by a fellow by the name of – well, he calls himself Krishnamurti. This Krishnamurti is out in Los Angeles or someplace, and he has a technique which he calls “awareness through action,” some such thing...” What Hubbard didn’t want you to do was to look this fellow up because he also happened to have stated or held the belief that one does not need “organized religion” or a “guru” to reach towards God. That one could walk a spiritual path with another but as brothers and he claimed not to want any “disciples” or followers. ;) Before I forget, once I faced off and squared away all my newly gained information and “confronted” it all, I became well. Cold or whatever I was feeling went away and I experienced relief. :) So the truth does set you free <– eLcon didn’t invent this.

8. Do you think the Church of Scientology needs to change some of its practices? If so, what should be changed? How did those practices affect your life?
Many people feel good and have “wins” and “cognitions” after a “session” and they (we) make the mistake that this is proof that it “works.” As Tony G., in here, says: “Scientology uses bait and switch to take your money. It sells ‘abilities’ and ‘immortality,’ but delivers “wins” and “cognitions.” The reason(s) one feels “better” and has so called wins are detailed extensively on the net on many different sites: Lermanet, Factnet, Operation Clambake, etc., the list is long and growing. Besides it ($cn) being a crude form of psycho-therapy [and in some cases, like accepting, or swallowing, the whole spiel about an evil overlord solving an overpopulation problem or some such thing, it sounds and is quite nutty and it’s either and/or both a combination of a shoddy piece of eLcon’s science-fiction conceived under the influence of drugs] which was developed using so many sources he plagiarized, as for example (I’ve mentioned a few already) Dr. William Sargant (quite thoroughly demonized by Freedom Magazine) who wrote the book “Battle for the Mind” which Arnie Lerma says it’s a must read so one can see how seemingly Hubbard used or must’ve used a thesaurus to change the terms in it and come up with his Dianetics. Sargant came up with a form of psychotherapy he termed “Aberactive” Therapy - that ring a bell? - to treat shell shocked soldiers in England during the Nazi bombings.

Another thing I want to mention here is that Scientology IS being done and practiced outside of what has come to be known as the “Scientology Religion” and these people though well intentioned, as anyone really thinking they’re following LRH’s philosophy inside the “church” are deluding themselves at least to the degree that they see present management being corrupt and adulterating the tech (as they surely are, no doubt - I’ve seen many of the changes and deletions myself) but LRH as this pure being who wanted nothing but the best for us. I cannot conceive how after all the information that has been and will continue to be presented on the internet and books, articles, etc. that these people could hold such a view. I mean, there is no harm in beLIEving whatever and/or whomever one wants and this is protected by our Constitution and is very much respected, as a right; however, I propose that a lot of what is seen as good is really deceiving and made to seem like a good thing indeed under cursory scrutiny. Let me point out one example. I just finished reading an essay 3 days ago written by Charlotte Kates (some may know of her) where she speaks of the dynamics and I thought a great viewpoint on how these are used to manipulate one. It’s probably one of the keystones on which the Scientology Ethics system is based and that is “the greatest good for the greatest number.” Charlotte points out how the whole system is rigged because there will always be 6 dynamics pitted against the 1st two and so the outcome has been predicted beforehand and it is not a true choice. I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble (theta or otherwise) but someone here said this: “... I loved the fact that it wasn't true for me unless I'd experienced it myself. I loved the power of choice. I wasn't going to have to 'just believe' anything...” This happens to be UNTRUE! Regardless of how scientologists (myself included before I knew any better) well, I used to tell people how $cientology was both a religion and scientific at the same time and how we’d never had this in the past in other religions although an exception might be able to be made for the Vedas and other sacred Hindu scriptures, as if I remember right, they even describe an atom and other high tech things that make one wonder how they knew but that’s another subject entirely and I have a propensity to go off into tangents so... :) Anyhow, the point being that a scientologist will be the last person on earth to admit to the fact that all he beLIEves are beliefs. They’re not scientific data in any shape or form - they are pure and simple, beLIEfs. No scientologist will admit to that. Of course scienos call this I just did an evaluation but even Ron described reality as different from actuality. If R is what one “agrees to,” then it is true for you if you believe it; if you buy into it but it is NOT an actuality. I or anyone cannot go into an academy, and while doing a “course” on $ciLIEntology, get up and say to the super that Ron is wrong here or that for example, I don’t have to run OT III cause it’s not “real” to me and I believe that I never met Xenu or have any critters attached to my body or my soul and therefore in no need to be exorcised. Also a lot of these space opera sci-fi spaced out incidents on the whole track were already pre-determined by the Master for us to encounter and run; talk about evaluation. Even right down to Dianetics and engrams; these are theories, hypotheses - at best. And of course, they ARE beLIEfs. I don’t have a quarrel with whatever anyone wants to beLIEve no matter how strongly I disagree with it and think they’re off the deep end. Holding a belief does no harm. It’s when you want to have me adopt a specific posture because of YOUR beLIEf that I have a problem; especially if this “reality” is being enforced. Trust me none of us want to live in a total $cientology world. (Cringing at the thought). Even eLFlubbard points this out in one of the PDC tapes where he is talking about “Black” $cientology and how 1984 Orwell’s world would pale in comparison to it. So he KNEW. It was REAL to him and he TOLD YOU! It’s in the PDC tapes. Heck in one of his lectures he even states that “he” is NOT a scientologist. He’s the maker of games, remember? He’s not one of the players, much less one of the pieces. He created the game for you/us to play. Of course, he LIED here too, because in the end he became a victim of his own creation ($cientology) and became a broken piece; dying...or killed (perhaps pushed to die) by his own operating lil satans he created. And I’m sure rear Admiral Miscabbage or whatever his title is now, has been woken up to the reality by all the cash flowing in. THAT will wake one up in a hurry. He may have beLIEved at one point but he has now totally identified with eLcon and is doing nothing more or less than wearing LRH’s hat and continuing the deception - the Art of Deception as Lerma calls it; the TRUE wall of fire: DECEPTION! So the answer here is as many have said, NO! It should be disbanded and practiced as a faith but who will want to? The only reason I got involved as many or most did was because there was some science, some truth to this supposed “technology” And I am now convinced there was no science or even religion; not even spirituality - it’s all a CON for Christ’s sake! We were deceived, defrauded and when we ran out of money or dis-agreed, DIS-carded! Also, I don’t think holding the cans for the very few sessions most get over a wide span of time will do little but I don’t know for a fact but when you get to the OT levels; especially OT VII where one self-audits for years everyday, this passing of electricity through one’s body on a regular basis has to have some negative effects in the long run. I feel that the combination of the electricity coupled with the euphoria of the slight trance one undergoes in a session, added to the expectancy of result (placebo effect and the mind being a powerful weapon indeed) is what causes the wins and feelings of euphoria and no doubt it’s an introspective process so one conceivably will discover certain things but when you speak of leaving one’s body or telekinesis or reading minds or any of the described results or false promises, this enters the realm of hogwash. As Lerma is also fond of pointing out: No OTs There! (Meaning in $cientology) I believe $cn is on its last throes anyways and is slowly melting away and will dwindle even faster in the next few years to come until it is no longer feasible to keep up with all the property they are buying now which in my opinion is only a subterfuge.

9. If the items you listed in the previous question were changed, would you consider rejoining or staying in the Church of Scientology? If so, why?
So many things would have to change that it would not be $cientology anymore. I could see it as some kind of society or fraternity. Maybe something like the rosacrucians or something like that but there would not be this brutal ethics system that is only there to keep members towing the line and not looking at the truth as in the “greatest good for the greatest number” ex. where the system is rigged against dynamics 1 and 2 from the start: There are 6 other dynamics that say one must stay on staff, join the $ea org, pay for an L or another intensive, or a course or buy more books or donate $50,000 or buy a cornerstone for the $uper-Power bldg. for which they’ve had all the money for a long time yet the membership keeps getting told more is needed only because there’s no delivery team, no crse packs, nothing and if it is released there are processes in it like the running around a tree or pole that if it were done say by an obese person it could cause some serious health problems and they’d have a ton of lawsuits on their hands, so I’m also of the opinion that this won’t be released. And do the staffs or publics really believe that OT IX or X and above will be released? They have NOTHING! And are milking what they have till there’s not one more drop of juice in that orange. If this is all so important, then why don’t they really push staffs up the bridge instead of keeping them slaving away (especially sea org members)? Why don’t they lower the fixed “DONATIONS” (read prices) so everyone can make it instead of just a few that have the bucks to do so? I was quite despondent myself before I learned the truth about my bridge progress and I KNEW I would not make it very far THIS LIFETIME (smile). How young and naive we were, and some as Lerma also says NEVER grew up! (sad) Some are living in a hell as we speak, in Clearwater, California or anywhere else where eLcon’s iron maiden for the mind and soul called $cientology - a term he did NOT coin NOR invent but already existed - operates. I said earlier, by their deeds ye shall know them or something like that so let’s look at what a scientologist has to do and shouldn’t have to and needs to be changed. For starters, staffs everywhere should be paid at least minimum wages or better. Better living conditions and nutrition for SO members and stop all the screaming and yelling and demeaning and invalidating by seniors to get compliance to orders. If ARC is so important and they know so much about it then why not use this instead of FORCE? Oh and STOP THE CHILD ABUSE! Actually practice their own creed and allow for others to be able to counter and disagree and speak out against it, rather than having a fascistic attitude towards critics and dissenters where all opposition must be squelched. Not as was said of Miscabbage saying that “the year 2001 found us shooting down suppressives like ducks in a pond” or something to that effect. None of this is going to happen because it’s intrinsic in $cientology that ALL the fuehrer’s words are to be obeyed as law and you have scientologists asking themselves “what would Ron do?” So the goal seems to be to make more Rondroids and not to be yourself at all, regardless. And it was Hubbard who wrote KSW and came up with $cientology’s ethics system and the security checking tek and all that good suppressive stuff. And this, my friends, is not going to change. His PLs will be obeyed to infinity and beyond, except their time is counted. It’s in their own Ethics book:
A characteristic and one of the sad things about an antisocial personality, is that it does not respond to treatment, reform or psychotherapy. And then comes #5, surrounding such a personality ... blah blah blah; this one includes a lot of scientologists but specifically lowly s.o. members who live in deplorable conditions who are very much cowed and yes, suffering! This isn’t total anything but slavery! I’ll close here by asking Theta Bubble ExtraOSAinaire, how’s a bum gonna come up with half a million dollars? He won’t qual for the SO and the class V orgs will kick’im out cause he’s a DB so he’s doomed, I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubbles cause they were bubbles not created by me in the 1st place but face it they want people who have bucks or can come up with bucks or join the sea org and sign a miserly ONE BILLION YEAR CONTRACT?!?!?! WhoA!! (chuckle) You funny tho, I give you that. And like I said, you bought a bridge, my friend and when you travel this bridge all the way out, well, I’ll see you at the other end cause it doesn’t end in immortality or eternity or none of the esoteric things promised by con man hubbard. It ends with you OUT OF $CIENTOLOGY and either pissed (to whatever degree) cause you were CONNED or disilusioned or whatever; some take it harder, some take it easy ;) I’ve taken it quite well as I love truth but I don’t like injustice and/or deception not even in the guise of religion and don’t like to see others be defrauded and lied to. You will not attain any of the esoteric states described vividly by d man - oops I forgot the “con” again
What’s so hard to see that these guys only care about the money and keeping the carnival show going. All the wins and successes are real only at international events, there’s no real attainment as their propaganda peddles. And there aren’t 8 million as they claimed in the 70s, the 80's, the 90's and even into Y2K... Oh and what happened to attaining it all in ONE LIFETIME?! Is that STILL true or was it another dangling carrot to be pursued with a long trail of dollars following, another ploy? All I’ve been reading lately that doesn’t get passed along to the membership is how all the successes, the schools, the Narconons, etc., are all being kicked out everywhere, in California, NY, you name it. The cat is out of the bag thanks to the internet and a few persistent folk who continued despite all the attacks and fair gaming. They decided not to be victims so they quit the kult of greed and power and decided to expose it because they knew that SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT! And you need to THINK FOR YOURSELF and not just go along and tow the party line ;-) And I personally thank every single one of them as I’ve done already. I applaud their efforts and will try to do my part which I’ve been doing. I’ve already gotten a few people out. And I will continue to do so as I’m STILL in :)~ LoL

10. Any additional comments you would like to make?
When a $ciLIEntologist says to you in his very emphatically and certain dazed and confused and quite obliviously hypnotized state of mind that $ciLIEntology 'works' Ask him or her why they're SO CERTAIN?! They didn't do the research and no-one's seen the research hUbBaRd didn't do and he calls his sci-fi and plagiarizations 'notes' and 'observations' But it takes MUCH MORE than notes and observations in the scientific community to call something a science or scientific or TRUE! Because their fuehrer said so? Oh because they underwent this psycho-logical very 'subjective' processes and they felt better or even euphoric afterwards? Is this why it WORKS?! This is the same lron did. He underwent the same processes and had the same (or similar) cognitions and wins. But this is NOT SCIENCE! This is belief - at best. And besides and more importantly it ACTUALLY doesn't and DIDN'T 'work' for everyone! But of course, these are the 'no-case' gains, S/Ps, degraded beings; the wogs, you know, the people who either saw thru the $cam or simply DIDN'T AGREE. You know, the low IQed, incapable and/or unaware beings, or perhaps the low toned or criminal ones - there IS always an infinity of labels, it seems, for all those who for whatever reason don't see eye to eye with $ciLIEntology!

BUT IT BETTER WORK, BY GAWD!!! If I'm going to spend a BILLION years serving it and another MILLION to buy this bridge (tm) LoL

STAY AWAY from $ciLIEntology! Or at least investigate it first before you go in the quicksand like I did. I wish I had all the money and time and energy I put into it back. And all the 'wins' and so-called 'gains' seem insignificant now. And even for those who still claim they made lasting gains, where's the TRUE OT powers lron spoke of OFTEN?!! It ain't gonna happen, Sherlock!

Best start preparing to take a trip to Bulgravia and bribe the police And be careful someone doesn't put your head on a pike (makes you a escape-goat) and RPFs you before you escape or declares and expells you, davie!

I'm FREE myself! And continuing My Quest but didn't want to leave anybody behind looking at the pretty rocks (and there's plenty of those in $CI-LIE-ntology) Hope this helps someone, in or out. lron tells you in one of the beginning books like FOT, I believe it's where I read it that if someone says it's all bad over there it's because 'they' don't want you to look... so heed his advice and LOOK at the internet, opposing views, etc. Practice the creed of the 'church' and communicate and allow others to communicate and to counter, etc., etc. Not just with the 'terminals' $ciLIEntology allows you to or condones but with ANY terminal and not dismiss your critics with a generalization like WOGS or S/Ps or whatever. There's good and bad people everywhere but the ones running this criminal cult are rotten to the core and will soon reap their own rewards. Ciao for now.


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