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Sunday, 8th October, 2006 03:06:30pm

Name or Alias: Hemp4Food
Training and/or processing level: Past Life Clear Zombie/Lie detector artist/technician
Org or location: shush, I'm in hiding ;)
Time involved in the Church of Scientology: 30+
Recommended Website -
1. How did you first become acquainted with the Church of Scientology?
Cute looking chic booty-routed me :)

2. What initially appealed to you about scientology?
Articles like My Philosophy. It appeared someone else had a thirst for truth and knowledge - that there was a system, a place, wow, how naive we were; and how idealistic. Not bad things.....until someone uses them as 'buttons' ;)

3. Were there problems in your life that you thought scientology would address?
Yeah, LIFE! Scilentology was a pretender which could've been a contender but all Ron wanted was legal tender ;)

4. Did you see, experience, or hear about things that didn't seem right while you were in the Church of Scientology? What were they, and what convinced you to set aside your feelings?
Oh yes, I experienced, saw and heard about things that didn't just seem not right, they were NOT RIGHT! But I rationalized them all in the name of the Fuehrer (the greatest being in the whole entire universe for trillions of years to come because he founded $cilentology and IT handles life or all the factors of life and hence it's SENIOR to life and HE created *it* ~ WoW! What a man!) and for the greatest good or $cn - same difference.

5. Why did you choose to stay in the Church of Scientology?
I kept following that dayum golden carrot of TOTAL SPIRITUAL FREEDOM.....hahaha Them OaTee powers and stuff, the supermen of $cilentology. They were to be the NEW MEN for the NEW AGE - homo novis. Didn't Hitler promise us supermen too?! Wasn't he bringing in a new age? The similarities are amazing. And yes I stayed for 30+ yrs till one fine day... ;)

6. Were you staff or public? If staff, was it at a mission or an org? Were you ever in the Sea Org or OSA? Which unit? If not on staff, did you ever volunteer to 'help out'?
I was staff and pubic but never in the Satanic Order (SO) or the
Office Suppressive Attacks (OSA) ;)

7. Why did you leave the Church of Scientology? Was there a "final straw"?
I guess it all seemed so sudden but it was really a gradual erosion and then I said f*** it and started searching the net for answers to my questions and doubts and of course I ran smack on into these SPs (Special Persons) who made me see the light and removed the veil from my sight - the veil of ignorance thru indoctrination. The final straw was when after I got sick cause I thought I was now PTS (prophet to scientologists), I realized because of my continued search and exposure who the real BASTARD was :) And that was none other than eLron fLubbard, wHoA! Guess what? I became well, cold went away and I felt relief. I knew the truth now, no matter how disappointing it might be and the rest is history. Actually though, to answer the Q honestly, I'm still in.....well, in a way. I haven't told anyone that I'm NOW NOT a $cilentologist anymore. In other words, as far as the 'church' is concerned I'm 'with $cn' but I'm really out. Don't want anything to do with it and I've even expressed it to one org female and to one young man who called me from Flag or the sea ogre. This young man I plainly told to GET OUT! LoL I told'im a few things and guess what? NO REPORT! ;) And I mean I told him hubbard was a con and there was no bridge - no OTs... that it was all about the money, etc.

8. Do you think the Church of Scientology needs to change some of its practices? If so, what should be changed? How did those practices affect your life?
I never agreed with the para-military stuff. It seemed foreign. That it didn't fit in with the image of a 'church' I never agreed with the yelling and the pressure to produce. The constant demands, etc. Thinking back, again the only thing that merited that type of sacrifice was if what eLcon was saying was true and now I know it isn't or wasn't and was simply a ploy. When the carrot was was I ;) The church needs to disappear because well, first of all it isn't a 'church' and $cilentology is NOT a religion and hubbard was a thief and a liar NOT mankind's best friend HA! What a joke! Oh wait, he wanted to be a dog. I see. Man's best friend

9. If the items you listed in the previous question were changed, would you consider rejoining or staying in the Church of Scientology? If so, why?
I suppose the church will dwindle even more perhaps gradually until it won't be feasible to maintain all the bldgs., etc. Then you will see the mgmt take the money and run - whatever they can save. I don't know. I mean the (BITE MY TONGUE) $cilentology, rather, is run by the IRS now. They have Tax Compliance Officers in every org and the owners of it are NON-$cilentologists tax attorneys or tax cruds as eLcon called them. They have a lot of money invested in it. They own a lot of property (prime real estate in some cases). But it would be interesting if they try to pull a fast one like finding Miscabbage guilty of HIGH CRIMES and fireD! Or sp declared. It might just happen. He and his whole entourage could be sp-declared and a new takeover orchestrated. Heck, it could be in the works right now. Meade Emory could be secretly having youngmen from the sea ogre trained or indoctrinated into this and nah! It'll probably be done thru lawyers and more mafia-style; like Meade and his partners making DM an offer he can't refuse or sumpin. Maybe he'll be RPFed :)

10. Any additional comments you would like to make?
I wanted to comment on the following said by a couple of people on this interview section: First this one: 'All of that higher level stuff is such a factually a small part of the religion...' Ahh, is
this not THE GOAL of the 'religion?' As in HOM, '...wait for a few of the boys to make it...blah, blah, blah' ....then decide what to with man and his twopenny wars, LoL We were duped is all but some will never see it. The flowery language and writings, 'What Is Greatness,' 'My Philosophy,' et al were just 'hooks,' PR, stuff to get your interest and confidence, oh and AGREEMENT! ARC, KRC, the [twisted] definitions. Then once you were in, he had plenty of stuff to keep you there and prevent you from leaving: O/Ws, sec checks, responsibility, what turns it on will turn it off and the myriad of 'tech' to KEEP YOU IN and PAYING! Forking over the money! Things in Silentology are the opposite. When good ole eLron tells you all he's ever tried to get you to do is to look, he actually is using a diversionary tactic so you DO NOT look; at least too closely. When he says he's been all over the Van Allen Belt, and entered the sun, even, one thing you can bank on for certain is he's NEVER been able to 'exteriorize,' as reported by one of his auditors. As Lerma points out, the whole of $cn is nothing but a peak at the inner workings of hubbard's mind. When he says a person who's done a lot of drugs will find it hard to exteriorize, he's speaking from personal experience and is tantamount to a confession. Lerma uses as one ex., O/Ws, meaning 'crimes and secrets' and of course, hubbard wanted you to disclose all these. One is not told that they will be used against you if one ever becomes disaffected and obviously noone would give up their crimes and secrets if one knew but could've surmised (yet noone does) after reading what happens to someone S.P. declared. The bit about being lied to, etc., etc., and if possible ruin him utterly.

I'm really amazed at the people who STILL defend $ilentology, even after they start to learn the truth. Perhaps it's the same principle working as the battered women syndrome.

The other comment I wanted to make is about what 10HiddenTruths said. He/she writes '1) Scientologists have accidents, get sick and die at about the same rate as non-Scientologists.' Well, a survey done IN CLEARWATER showed that the average lifespan for $ilentologists was less than their 'wog' counterparts and many OTs are dying from exposure to blue asbestos (the worst kind) on the slave ship, the freewinds. They work like ants, don't they? The group, right? I thought eLron talked about individuality - the individual. Not in the S.O. (aka Satanic Order) boy! '2) Scientologists who rely on the church to cure their cancer or any other disease (which many have) will or have died of that disease.' And many are getting it from the blue asbestos on the ship, as above. As well, as brain tumors and other rare stuff which I believe is a combination of the blue asbestos and the so-called 'advanced tech' which makes one INTERIORIZE into one's body looking for them pesky creatures all NON-SCIENTOLOGISTS know about but $ilentologists are kept in mystery (can u say mystery sandwich?) until they fork over the $$$ of course! Then they're upstats (meaning suckers) ;) And upon completion you are 'handled' if you don't buy it or write a success story which can be used as testimonial proof that the 'tech' works. Gee, can you imagine how much swifter all our scientific technological knowledge would've been if we'd used THIS method instead of the countless hundreds or thousands of hours it took to gain a mere inch. Oh yeah, $cilentology's method is much more ahhh...quickied?!?! >:) I bring the following up only because it shouldn't matter that much as this is only, well copying and pasting: 'All of that higher level stuff is such a factually a small part of the religion...' '5) 100% of all OT 8’s have no OT powers, that is, able to leave their body, move objects, recall past lifetime skills, etc. All 10 Hidden Truths also apply to OT 8's.' Only a 'small part' of the religion, wow wouldn't you know it, I'm DONE with the larger part and I'm not interested in the 'small' part cause it costs REALLY BIG moolah! LoL Oh and I ALREADY know it and well, I'll be dying of pneumonia real soon, I'm guessing O:) '6) No Scientologist can give you any verifiable details about any past life, even their immediate past life. Details like their full name, parent’s names, children's names, places they lived, etc.' In this case $cilentology is like hemp...the cannabis variety, it gives you short term memory loss but boy I can 'see' (real solidly too) how 8.3 billion years ago I was a walrus on Planet Xeno; many, many millions of light years away from this system. Finally: '10)No Scientologist is or ever will be totally free as a spiritual being.' WoW, you mean there is NO 'TOTAL SPIRITUAL FREEDOM?!?!' You mean hUbbard lied to me? To us?! &*%$#@! But again, that's only a 'small' part of the 'religion.' The main/LARGE part is where you work, no slave away all day in the sea ogre making lots of money for lron and $cilentology and being on course everyday of your life learning how to audit and buying lots of courses and books and lectures and tapes and attending events and hip-hip-hooraying to a pict of a con-man and getting your sec-checks and divulging your secrets so they can be used against you (no miranda rights, itsa church, get it?!) [can't sue it for the same reason; oh and they were DONATIONS, not payment] DAYUM!

I was talking to this young lady from the org who called me the other day and I realized how beautifully the trap is laid in and it all seems to make perfect sense too - when you're in it. She asked when I was going to do the next step and I said I wasn't and she asked why and I said too much money and she came back with why dont you do a money all ended with her saying how I needed to get handled and to come in for a DofP interview...And I said, yeah, ok...she asked when? And I thought 'when hell freezes over' LoL It's a beautiful concatenation, I tell you ~ the way he set it all up. Beautiful! And who said criminals weren't smart people?! Bye 4 now - oh and smoke the reefer, itsa good 4 ya! Eat it and wear the hemp too. Check out the truth at and try LEAP too (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) Ok gotta run before some oT finds me and zaps me or sumpin... LoL

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