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Wednesday, 5th April, 2006 01:30:32pm

Name or Alias: TriumphOfThought
Training and/or processing level: Expanded Dianetics
Org or location: Flag
Time involved in the Church of Scientology: 33 years
Recommended Website - http://
1. How did you first become acquainted with the Church of Scientology?
A friend intoduced me. Talked about existence of past lives. Found it fascinating and very hopeful.

2. What initially appealed to you about scientology?
Its recognition of past lives. Its well organized structure for achieving higher states of being and awareness. Its promise of spiritual freedom.

3. Were there problems in your life that you thought scientology would address?
Very intoverted. Poor ability to communicate. Felt very suppressed.

4. Did you see, experience, or hear about things that didn't seem right while you were in the Church of Scientology? What were they, and what convinced you to set aside your feelings?
I AM a Scientologist now, and shall forever be one. To my mind, no greater genius has ever strode the face of Earth than L. Ron Hubbard (LRH). Some day the brillance of his work will be broadly understood and recognized. That being said, the church, which is be distinguished from the subject of Scientology and LRH, has always been a rough ride. But while LRH lived, hope remained that the sore spots could be corrected and the full promise of his work fully realized by each and every individual.
So, back then, for the while, I tolerated a lot of things: the repeated adulteration of the subject of Scientology; the utter disrespect for the written word of LRH; and the complete futility of writing Knowledge Reports to try and correct those things that were obviously wrong. I persisted 'within the framework of the Church' because I strongly believed that we needed a 'vessel' to get each and every one of us 'across the chasm,' and that even a malfunctioning organization was far better than none, for we had the written word of LRH, and could thereby correct our misadventures back to a proper course.

5. Why did you choose to stay in the Church of Scientology?
I figured that we had the written word of LRH, and according to how Scientology is supposed to work, that is like holding a cross up to a vampire. Woe be to anyone who disregards the written policy and technology of LRH. That is how it is supposed to be. Thus, I believed that no matter how bad things got, they could always be salvaged.

6. Were you staff or public? If staff, was it at a mission or an org? Were you ever in the Sea Org or OSA? Which unit? If not on staff, did you ever volunteer to 'help out'?
Public. I worked years as a GAS member (Guardian Activities Scientologist). I worked for the old Guardian's Office. I spent hundreds of hours doing medical literature research at the National Library of Medicine. My research concentrated on the abuse of the elderly through administration of psychotropic (mind-altering) drugs, and iatrogenically caused disorders like Tardive Dyskinesia. I wrote an extensive white paper on the subject that was reprinted in full in a Congressional publication. I also appeared on several local TV and radio shows with full credit going to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a reform group closed associated with the Church of Scientology.

7. Why did you leave the Church of Scientology? Was there a "final straw"?
There were actually two final straws that added to 'a final straw.' The first occurred when my auditing at Flag ended in total failure after spending more than seven months there on full-time auditing. The church took the position that the whole thing was my fault. Church personnel made it very clear that they considered me to be 'insufficiently mentally stable' to remain on the premises of the church, and that I was a 'security risk' to the church. I was actually escorted off church grounds by security. What was really going on? What had really occurred? By using an adulterated, altered, bastardized version of Scientology that was not real Scientology at all, the auditing I had at Flag drove me into the worst mental condition that I have ever experienced my entire life by a factor of a million. In real Scientology terms, I had numerous 'out lists' that went from here to the moon. That included Introspection Rundown out-lists, which is absolutely deadly. So, the church had managed to take the miracle technology of LRH and turn it on its head; and then use that altered, bastardized version to do me personal tremendous harm. As a parenthetical note, I was fortunate to later have all that misery fully corrected through REAL Scientology auditing. That was the first straw. The second straw occurred at a later time when I wrote a Knowledge Report to church officials informing them of legal wrongdoing by various church personnel. My report was completely honest, truthful, and factual. How did the chruch respond? It pubically issued a declaration stating that I was ENEMY of all of Scientology. I fought with the church for nearly three years on that. It refused to do anything to correct the injustice. Finally, after three years of fighting and threats to raise the matter in the civil courts, the church partially relented and cancelled the ENEMY declaration. However, to this day I retain 'pariah status' with the church. It is not an organization that respects justice. It is not an organization that respects the subject of Scientology or the written word of LRH. It is an organization that has gone fascist.

8. Do you think the Church of Scientology needs to change some of its practices? If so, what should be changed? How did those practices affect your life?
The Church of Scientology needs to oust those individuals who have perverted it away from the subject of Scientology and written word of LRH. It needs to restore the four major OT levels (OT 1 - OT 4) that were stripped off the Grade Chart after NOTS was released. It needs to abolish the IAS (International Association of Scientologists), as it is an illegally created organization that pursues only money. The IAS came about when church officials illegally nullified LRH policy, and cancelled HASI (Hubbard Association of Scientologists) as the membership organization of the church. The Church needs to cancel all Scientology Policy Directives (SPD), as LRH policy gives no authority to their issuance. SPD is not a legal issue type according to LRH policy. SPDs have been used to alter and corrupt Scientology policy, and to give executive management authority and power that it was never intended to have. The church needs to fully restore the technology of Scientology to LRH issuance and the policy of Scientology to LRH issuance. The church needs to declare and expell all parties who have been responsible for the current reign of terror and attempted destruction of Scientology.

9. If the items you listed in the previous question were changed, would you consider rejoining or staying in the Church of Scientology? If so, why?
I would return in an instant and so would thousands of others. I would return because Scientology, REAL SCIENTOLOGY, really does offer spiritual freedom to the individual, and liberty to our country and our society.

10. Any additional comments you would like to make?
Just remember when you read bad things about Scientology and LRH in the press, what you are really reading are the weird, altered thoughts and activities of the church and its people, who are utterly divorced from real Scientology and LRH. A valid comparison is the perverted conduct of Catholic priests. Does the bible advocate sexual molestation of young boys? Of course not. It is individuals who commit such acts, and the church that hides and defends those heinous crimes, who are blameworthy, not the bible, and certainly not Jesus Christ. By comparison, you have the subject of Scientology and LRH, and then you have the Church of Scientology and its people and defenders. DO NOT think that the present-day Church of Scientology has much to do with the subject of Scientology and LRH. In present-day the church has very, very little to do with Scientology, but a lot to do with some grossly perverted version of the subject that it calls 'Scientology.' However, the only real version of Scientology lies in the written words of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

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