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Sunday, 8th January, 2006 10:43:03am

Name or Alias: CC
Training and/or processing level: Was mid-OT VII
Org or location: FLAG
Time involved in the Church of Scientology: 9 years
Recommended Website - http://
1. How did you first become acquainted with the Church of Scientology?
I found out about Scientology from a front group, a WISE group, that promised to increase the income of my business to at least 2-3 times what I was making. The initial contact did not mention Scientology, religion, or any thing like that. It was purely a 'management company' which would get my employees to do their work more efficiently, make my life easier, and increase my income.

2. What initially appealed to you about scientology?
I did the OCA ('personality test') as part of the initial assessment for the 'management company'. The consultant used this, as well as just talking to me, to find areas in my life that were problem areas. I was already a successful professional, doing well in business, but of course, had other areas in my life that were not up to par. Having been raised in a Christian family, I wanted nothing to do with Christianity, as I knew from personal experience that I did not believe in it, and that there were many hypocrites in the church. I also wanted nothing to do with psychiatrists or psychologists, as I had known a number of them as neighbors, or through professional association, and had been 'treated' by one psychologist, with no real results. I felt that there were no answers to my problems, and that it was just a part of life to have some problems. The consultant found the areas and got me very upset about them, then told me that he knew someone that could help me. I was made to feel that I was really in very bad shape. While I was away from home, it (coincidentally?) happened that my boyfriend called me, was drunk, and got me very upset as well. So the consultant got me on the phone with a registrar for a 'Church' of Scientology (although no one told me who I was really talking to). I talked to him for over and hour; all I remember was that I cried a lot, was very upset, as he kept on pointing out how horrible my life was, so I bought the introductory auditing package. At that point I figured my life was so bad that I would try it.

3. Were there problems in your life that you thought scientology would address?
As I mentioned earlier, I was told that Scientology would help me in my personal life, with relationships, and would make my business income double or triple.

4. Did you see, experience, or hear about things that didn't seem right while you were in the Church of Scientology? What were they, and what convinced you to set aside your feelings?
One of the first things that happened was that I spent an entire day with the same registrar after starting my introductory auditing. Again, he brought up all the bad things about my life, and I spent the day crying and being upset. I really didn't want to buy a 'clear package' for $55,000, but somehow by the end of the day I had called my bank and borrowed the money. He told me that I would be able to recall all the way back to when I was born, and exactly what happened to me, and that 'probably someone stuck his finger up your twat when you were 18 months old or something' and that I would then be able to see why I was unhappy and my life was so bad. Then, a few weeks later, I was asked to buy a clear package for my drunk boyfriend. I was called by a company that did 'leases', which were a lie- I had to pretend that I was buying equipment that I already owned, at a very high interest rate, to get a loan for the clear package. I was told that my check would not be put through yet, but could I write it now? So I did, and then when I called to verify that it hadn't been put through, I found out that they DID put it through anyway. I immediately stopped payment on that check. This upset me, but then it was all smoothed over and I went ahead and paid for the clear package, to supposedly help my boyfriend. (The president of that leasing company is now in jail.)

Another upset was caused when a different registrar showed me my new OCA and an ad it was being used for. The ad said that it was before and after the purification rundown. It had changed already from some other auditing I had gotten, so I told her that it was a lie. She got very huffy and said she was using it anyway.

The staff at the org I was going to had very odd clothing. I found out that they didn't get paid much, and most of them wore old clothes that were donated by the public.

I actually joined staff later, and that is when all the major glaring outpoints became obvious. The staff was not able to get enough sleep. Military drills were done (a 'church' needs to do close order drilling????). The food was terrible, and often I had to eat in 5 minutes, or didn't get to eat at all. I was promised before joining that all my needs would be cared for. If I missed meals, I had to buy my own food. Vitamins were not provided. There wer some available, but I had to try to find time to go get them from the MLO office, which was impossible most of the time. There were vitamins for sale in the canteens, but why if everyting is provided, was I supposed to pay for them? I had to do my own laundry, and pay for it. I was told that my husband and I could eat toegther. This was a lie. The housing was horrible; there were roaches and termites. The gates that I thought kept people out are really there to keep people in. I never got a full day off, and never at the same time as my husband. But the worst part was that very few of the staff actually were auditing, due to lack of food, lack of sleep, etc. Constant screaming and heavy invalidation and threats were used to try to control the staff. As soon as anyone seemed to be doing well, he would be slammed into the EPF or the RPF.

5. Why did you choose to stay in the Church of Scientology?
I now see that Scientology is a control mechanism. It is a very cleverly designed con game, and targets people who are doing well financially in life, and who want to help others. The auditing is designed to get you used to being controlled, and very insidiously, you become more and more indoctrinated. Traing also gets one used to control; you believe that YOU are controlling others, but what auditor is not being slammed into 'cramming' constantly? So,it's very tricky- many of the participants of this con game, don't really even know what is going on. I was being told that auditing or training was responsible for this or that, and I was successful because of Scientology, etc. Now that I am not involved, I can see that I was ALREADY a success, and Scientology actually caused my abilities to decline, while somehow making me believe the opposite. My analogy of this is a drunk person who thinks he can drive better, and can't see that he can't even stay between the lines. For some reason, I became 'drunk' with Scientology, and believed that it was working, but now I can see that it pulled me off of my true goals in life, and did not allow me to help other people at all!!

6. Were you staff or public? If staff, was it at a mission or an org? Were you ever in the Sea Org or OSA? Which unit? If not on staff, did you ever volunteer to 'help out'?
I was public until just before leaving Scientology. I was trying to start a mission to help others. I joined the SO at FLAG, and it didn't take long to see the real truth after joing staff.

7. Why did you leave the Church of Scientology? Was there a "final straw"?
I saw the man behind the curtain and what's really going on, as staff in a high position at FLAG. The true goals of the 'church' are to get as much money as possible, while spending as little as possible-so slave labor, very poorly cared for, is used to create the illusion of a large flourishing organization. If, indeed, the true goal of the Sea Org is to 'clear the planet' or even 'to put ethics in on the planet', why are people with opposing viewpoints attacked so vigorously? Wouldn't it make sense to spend your money and energy on helping others, and ignore it? And, if 'what's true is what's true for you', can't I have my own viewpoint?

There were so many things I saw when working at the AO that I questioned that I won't even go into them, but one stands out-LRH said that clear is the only finite state in the universe. When I saw that over HALF the people auditing on OT VII were told that they were not 'clear', and that they had to do 'advance programs' which cost usually $50,000 to $100,000 or more, it just looked WRONG. One example: So here's a guy who's auditied 3000 hours on OT VII, suddenly it's discovered that he's not clear. So he pays a lot of money, does the advance program, then starts auditing again. He does 2-hour and 4-hour sessions on OT VII (sessions on OT VII are supposed to be short, like 5 to 20 minutes, per LRH). He's told by qual that he's taking body motion reads, and gets crammed over and over. Then suddenly, he's DONE!! Well, if he auditied 3000 hours on 'body motion reads' while not 'clear', how can he suddenly be done with OT VII?? Scenarios like that finally made me see that it's all a con game, and I left.

8. Do you think the Church of Scientology needs to change some of its practices? If so, what should be changed? How did those practices affect your life?
It needs to be seen for the con that it is and all the top brass need to go to prison.

9. If the items you listed in the previous question were changed, would you consider rejoining or staying in the Church of Scientology? If so, why?
I will never again have anything to do with any form of 'Scientology'.

10. Any additional comments you would like to make?
It's very hard to admit how stupid I was, and that I wasted an incredible amount of money and time on this. If you are staff or public, and are having doubts, just don't be too hard on yourself. Life is in the future. (I also had the realization that 'sec checking' is only a means to find out things that a person doesn't want made public, so that it can be used against you if you decide to speak out against the church. Believe me, it has NO other purpose. It's very hard to see when you are public, but I would like to warn any public or potential public that it just isn't what it appears to be. If you are staff, just walk away. Don't buy into that sec checking as a way to make you stay.)

I am just glad that I do now know, and can now go on with life without giving all my money to a bogus cause.

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