Scientology - Disconnection Hurts


Wednesday, 27th February, 2008 06:39:23am

Name or Alias: Michael Henderson
How long ago was your disconnection? 3 years ago
Are you a current member, an ex-member, or never a member?
Did you disconnect, or did someone disconnect from you?
The other person disconnected.
1. What is (or was) your relationship to the disconnected person?
My entire family, Mother, 4 sisters, brother 22 nephews and nieces, both my children, all brothers in law, sister in law.

2. What were the circumstances surrounding the disconnection?
I left the Sea Org quickly without a long drawn out sec check which we waited around for but was not happening. I was declared and expelled. I then began critical writing about the Church of Scientology after reading information on the internet.

3. Were you given a choice about disconnecting? Was there anything you could have done to avoid the disconnection? If so, please describe the choice involved or what you could have done. Do you now feel that you made the best decision?
If I had done the 'A to E' steps to lift the SP declare, I could have stayed in good standing. My father , however, appreciated being able to talk to one of his children, and I never seriously considered going back once I had read all about the real story of Scientology on the internet.

4. Was a formal disconnection letter sent? If so, what did it say? If not, how was the disconnection communicated?
My sister and brother disconnected by email.

5. In what way has the disconnection affected your life?
I was able to be with my father at his death, and for the last year and a half of his life. The true nature of Scientology has been revealed to me. It is ugly.

6. What were your feelings at the time about the disconnection?
Grief, shock, regret.

7. What are your current feelings about the disconnection?
It's not easy. I understand my family, because I did not speak to my own father for 4 years when he was declared.

8. Has there been an attempt at reconnection? Were there any conditions for reconnecting? If there was an attempt, did you succeed at reconnecting?
I was able to get a communication about my father to my brother, through friends, and I knew he would pass the news along. He did. I wanted them to know their father was dying so they could say goodbye to him and make peace . They didn't.

9. If you are currently disconnected, would you like to reconnect? Do you believe it is possible, in your particular case? If not, why?
It's possible, but my family would have to go through a similar process of de-indoctrination, which took me about 2 years.

Would you like to make any additional comments?
Scientology must reform, and drop disconnection. It needs a change at the top. My fathers story was told on the BBC program Panorama, 'Scientology and Me' with John Sweeney. It is viewable on BBC Panorama archives and on YouTube.

Disconnection Story Number: 3
Total Disconnection Stories: 26
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