Scientology - Disconnection Hurts


Saturday, 5th December, 2009 06:44:22pm

Name or Alias: Anonymous
How long ago was your disconnection? less than 2 months ago 2009
Are you a current member, an ex-member, or never a member?
never a member
Did you disconnect, or did someone disconnect from you?
The other person disconnected.
1. What is (or was) your relationship to the disconnected person?
Fiancee/Boyfriend/Father of unborn child

2. What were the circumstances surrounding the disconnection?
He went to for a filing project of which on day (6) he gave me an ultimatum to join Scientology or the relationship was over, baby or not. I choose not to join Scientology after I was told in so many words that the 3rd dynamic was more important than the 2d. Hence, I did'nt join and thus permanent disconnection came soon thereafter.

3. Were you given a choice about disconnecting? Was there anything you could have done to avoid the disconnection? If so, please describe the choice involved or what you could have done. Do you now feel that you made the best decision?
Yes, only if I joined Scientology. No there was nothing that I could do because he was living out of state with his brainwashers and he is on staff so they have/had more time to convolute his brain. I tried talking to everyone from the so called Ethics Director to the chaplain to no avail. I might as well been consulting the devil for help.

4. Was a formal disconnection letter sent? If so, what did it say? If not, how was the disconnection communicated?
No, never. Just complete silence.

5. In what way has the disconnection affected your life?
I have never experienced this type of pain, stress and loneliness especially since I am carrying his unborn child. I stopped eatting and lost an eronmous about of weight. Cried day and night.I know that this will be a constant fight for the rest of my life and my child will probably never know what a wonderful person his/her father was before Scientology.

6. What were your feelings at the time about the disconnection?
The same as the above although it does help to know that there are others that have unfortunately experienced the same disconnection. That gave me some form of solace. However, I am still emotionally hurt not just for myself but for my unborn child.

7. What are your current feelings about the disconnection?
The same as above. Some days are easier and some are terribly hard. I mad because he let these strangers that don't care about him and see him as a statistic, ruin our family. Futhermore, I was encouraged by a staff executive to think about other options: abortion/adoption.

8. Has there been an attempt at reconnection? Were there any conditions for reconnecting? If there was an attempt, did you succeed at reconnecting?
Yes, but he is under their spell and they make it difficult for us to speak. They wanted to assist us to getting back together in the beginning, but only if I embrace Scientology and took some courses. I did'nt and thus all communication ceased.

9. If you are currently disconnected, would you like to reconnect? Do you believe it is possible, in your particular case? If not, why?
Yes, I would like to reconnect for the sake of our child, but I don't think it will ever happen. He was always so gullible so the fact that they were able to destroy a 2 year relationship in (6) days leads me to believe that there is no hope.

Would you like to make any additional comments?
I pray for anyone that is or has gone through such a traumatic experience as this and been able to survive emotionally and physically. In the end, we will all answer to our creator and I assure you that his name won't be LRH nor will any passes be given for 'clear' OT status.

Disconnection Story Number: 19
Total Disconnection Stories: 26
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