Scientology - Disconnection Hurts


Sunday, 11th October, 2009 09:09:38am

Name or Alias: Peter Devaney jr
How long ago was your disconnection? aug of 2008
Are you a current member, an ex-member, or never a member?
Did you disconnect, or did someone disconnect from you?
The other person disconnected.
1. What is (or was) your relationship to the disconnected person?
father Peter Devaney sr and step mother Charlotte Devaney, I was disconnected by them via the church of Scientology.

2. What were the circumstances surrounding the disconnection?
I was upset over thea and loyd Greedberg being Fair Gamed back in 1982,and south bay mission and long beach mission being Fair Gamed, owned by Jerry Simmon,it was cause to feel Horrid, my loved ones, they were my dad friends also, I was in shook for a long time,so I left 1982. but stayed quite intil 2008.

3. Were you given a choice about disconnecting? Was there anything you could have done to avoid the disconnection? If so, please describe the choice involved or what you could have done. Do you now feel that you made the best decision?
I had a choice, in 2008 if I would of done lower condition,
Paul Price told this.
in other words fight anon.
because in lower condition you have to throw a blow to the enemy.

4. Was a formal disconnection letter sent? If so, what did it say? If not, how was the disconnection communicated?
The letter is dated aug 7 2008 from Mr Peter Devaney P O box
65 Gabriola B C VOR 1 XO canada. The letter said I was a evil person,I have been contrary and abusive,it,s a long letter and upset me,all lie,s

5. In what way has the disconnection affected your life?
made me sick because my dad and step mother both hate me, and worked with OSA to hurt my other familey member,s. they were both telling lie,s about me,
like I have sex with the entire town,or I do not take baths .
real hart breaking sick vearey sick I do not like to talk about it.They are flat out lie.s

6. What were your feelings at the time about the disconnection?
I saw my dad mind go down hill for over 30 year,s and when anon started protesting. I decided to speak out for the frist time in 2008.and the only reason way I was disconnected.

7. What are your current feelings about the disconnection?

8. Has there been an attempt at reconnection? Were there any conditions for reconnecting? If there was an attempt, did you succeed at reconnecting?
I was disconnected for over 1 year,
intil my dad death on 17 june 2009 were I was unable to make it to his death bed. but my dad died hating me. from all the lie,s the church told him about me.

9. If you are currently disconnected, would you like to reconnect? Do you believe it is possible, in your particular case? If not, why?

Would you like to make any additional comments?
a Scientologist by the name of Paul Price and my step mother Chorlotte Devaney, took advantage of my dad,and used a lot of forced and threats to disconnect my dad from me, because my dad did not want to disconnect from me, Pual had me and my dad under investagation, I used my real name and this is a true story.their is more to say on this true life disconnection, but to long to post here. my be more later.

Disconnection Story Number: 18
Total Disconnection Stories: 26
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